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Will SourceForge.net host my project?

Please reference the Site Legal documentation for projects that qualify for hosting on SourceForge.net for a full description. All projects hosted on SourceForge.net must use an OSI compliant license.

How do I register my project on SourceForge.net?

Registered users of SourceForge.net may create a new project.

Steps to create a new project

  1. Once logged-in to SourceForge.net, you can start the process of registering a project.
  2. Enter a name by which your project will be recognized publicly in the Project Name field
  3. Select a UNIX name for your project in the URL field
    • The name must be all lowercase
    • The name may not contain digits or international characters
  4. Provide a public description (this can be changed at any time) that is less than 255 characters.
  5. Click the checkbox indicating you have read the Terms of Use to acknowledge.
  6. Click the Complete Registration button.

All project registrations are activated in only a few minutes time. Projects will be reviewed by SourceForge.net staff members on a regular basis. Projects found to not be in compliance with our policies will be removed.

What features will SourceForge.net provide my project?

SourceForge.net offers a number of features to site users and even more for project teams. Of note for projects and developers associated to projects are the Hosted Apps, our download service, as well as Source Code Management (SCM) services (CVS, Subversion).

Using your new project

Our Getting Started guide will help your project get off on the right foot.

Getting help