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Access to project statistics data

Project statistics may be accessed using the "View project activity statistics" link on the Project Summary page of each project.

Each project statistics page permits you to select an alternate time constraint (default view is the "Last 7 days"). Selectable time periods include "Last 7 days", "Last 2 months", "Last 12 months", "Year" (you select a specific year from a subsequent pull-down menu), and "All time" (representing statistics all the way back to when the SourceForge.net site was started). SourceForge.net subscribers are provided access to realtime statistics for the past 48 hours via the "Last 48 hours" time period.

The project statistics pages provide direct access to the following sets of statistics, including graphs:

  • Overview: The Usage Statistics page, which serves as the default view of project statistics, provides a high level overview of all the data in the statistics system. This page includes the project rank; and the number of project web hits, downloads SourceForge.net project page hits, open and closed Tracker items and forum posts. Several graphs are provided to offer a graphical view of that data set.
  • Downloads: The Downloads Statistics page provides a listing of the number of project downloads and bytes served per day. Pull-down menus are provided to display statistics on a per-package or per-release (based on the details in the File Release System) basis. Graphs are provided of download activity.
  • Project Web Traffic: Project web traffic statistics include the number of hits to the project web logo image, the number of pages served per the Apache web server access logs, and the number of bytes served from these web servers. Graphs are provided of project web activity. Search engine hits and other similar hits are not filtered out, they are counted. However, most of those hits won't be counted in the sflogo figures, as most search engines don't load images.
  • Tracker Activity: Tracker statistics are provided in both an aggregate form for the project and on a per-Tracker basis. Counts are shown as the number of Tracker items opened for the time period, followed by a parenthesized number of Tracker items closed for the time period. A graph is provided for this data set.
  • Forum Activity: Forum post counts are provided in both an aggregate form for the project and on a per-forum basis. A graph is provided for this data set.
  • SourceForge.net Page Traffic: Statistics are collected to determine the amount of activity to your project pages (such as the Project Summary page, Tracker page, and project logo hits; but not page hits for the project web service) on the SourceForge.net site. This allows for projects to gauge general interest in their project. A graph is provided for this data set.