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Hosted Apps at SourceForge.net

There are a variety of very good Open Source web applications that are beneficial for personal use or for use by Open Source projects. Through the Hosted Apps services, SourceForge.net makes it easy to gain access to these applications by sparing you the overhead of doing the installation, day-to-day maintenance, and software version upgrades.

Application Offering

We've selected the following applications for inclusion as Hosted Apps. All of these applications are available for immediate use by projects and project developers on an opt-in basis.

ApplicationWhat does it do?Application detailsAdditional information
dotProjectProject managementDocumentation, DemoOpen Source, BSD licensed, hosted on SourceForge.net
GalleryImage galleryFeature List, DocumentationOpen Source, GPL licensed, hosted on SourceForge.net
LaconicaMicrobloggingFeature List, DocumentationOpen Source, Affero GPL licensed
MantisBTBug trackingDocumentation
MediaWikiWikiDocumentation, Reference Manual
PiwikWeb analyticsDocumentation
sfurlURL shorteningWritten in-house by staff
TracBug tracking and WikiDocumentation


Hosted Apps are available to all SourceForge.net projects and developers (project members). Project-specific instances of Hosted Apps should be used for content related to that Open Source project. Developer-specific instances of Hosted Apps may be used for personal content.

Project administrators may opt-in their project to use a Hosted App as follows:

  1. Go to your Project Summary page, e.g. http://sourceforge.net/projects/alexandria/
  2. From the Admin menu pulldown, select the Hosted Apps menu item and you will be taken to the Hosted Apps management page.
  3. Under the Hosted App Opt-in heading, select the application you wish to use, then click the "Enable this Hosted App" button.
  4. Your application will be available (with links on this management page and in your project menus) about a minute later.

Developers may opt-in for a personal instance of a Hosted App from their My Hosted Apps page.


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