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Observed holidays

SourceForge.net is a US-based site; SourceForge.net staff observe US holidays as detailed below.

During scheduled holidays, SourceForge.net provides special holiday coverage.

The following schedule includes preceding or following weekend days, during which we will provide holiday coverage rather than standard weekend coverage.

2010-12-31 to 2011-01-03New Year's Day observance
2011-01-15 to 2011-01-17Martin Luther King, Jr. birthday - national day of service
2011-02-19 to 2011-02-21President's Day observance
2011-05-28 to 2011-05-30Memorial Day observance
2011-07-02 to 2011-07-04Independence Day observance
2011-09-03 to 2011-09-05Labor Day observance
2011-11-24 to 2011-11-27Thanksgiving observance
2011-12-23 to 2011-12-26Christmas observance
2011-12-30 to 2012-01-02New Year's Day observance

Holiday coverage

SourceForge.net staff maintain a watchful eye over the SourceForge.net site and services during holiday breaks through the use of automated monitoring and periodic manual checks.

Users encountering issues with the SourceForge.net site or services during one of our scheduled holiday coverage windows should continue to report the issue as normal. SourceForge.net staff periodically review the incoming Support Request queue during holidays and will take action on issues deemed to be of a critical nature (e.g. a service outage). All non-urgent issues will be deferred for handling after the holiday coverage window.

Getting help