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  • Get started with your new project

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    33= Get started with your new project = 
    5 We know that starting a new project can be a daunting task.  We've prepared this three-step guide to help you quickly get your project off the ground and growing at [wiki:"What is SourceForge.net?" SourceForge.net]. 
     5We know that starting a new project can be a daunting task.  We've prepared this five-step guide to help you quickly get your project off the ground and growing at [wiki:"What is SourceForge.net?" SourceForge.net]. 
    77If you're looking for more in-depth information on setting up your project, we encourage you to review our [wiki:"WikiStart" site documentation] and chart your own course, or read "[http://producingoss.com/en/index.html Producing Open Source Software]" by Karl Fogel. 
    32 = Step 2: Improve your project presence = 
     32= Improve your project presence = 
    3434Now that you have made your first release, it's time to take about an hour and refine your project's presence.  By improving the public-facing information about your project, you help encourage users to try your software, and encourage developers to offer to join your team.  Keep in mind that things need not be perfect; you're just making enough improvements to help your project grow -- you will continue to refine your project's presence as the software starts to have more value and you get more users. 
    36 == Refine your project description == 
     36== Step 2: Refine your project description == 
    3838The description and [wiki:"Software Map and Trove" Trove categorization] of your project are shown throughout !SourceForge.net -- in search results and on the [wiki:"Find software to download" Software Map].  This is probably the first thing users and potential developers will see about your project.  We recommend that you take ten minutes and refine your project description, then take another ten minutes and make sure the Trove categorization for your project is accurate. 
    4343 1. Follow the provided instructions to manage your project description, or use the "[Edit Trove Categorization]" to access the Trove editor. 
    45 == Enable the features you need == 
     45== Step 3: Enable the features you need == 
    4747!SourceForge.net provides a number of features address the tool needs of your project.  We have forums and mailing lists for discussion, Source Code Management (SCM) tools, and bug tracking tools, to name a few. 
    4949You need not turn on all of the features now.  We recommend you leave features off and turn things on as you need them.  We do  want to encourage you to take fifteen minutes and look over our [wiki:"WikiStart" site documentation] to familiarize yourself with what we offer.  If there is a tool you need now, go ahead and enable it.  You can always go back and enable more features later.  Knowing what we offer will help you make good decisions about how to manage your project's support, documentation, and development activities. 
    51 == Launch your wiki or blog == 
     51== Step 4: Launch your wiki or blog == 
    5353The "Release Early, Release Often" method of development applies beyond source code -- users like to see software improve over time, and know that development is active. 
    5858 * '''Wiki''' tools, which provide an easy-to-maintain way to product documentation for your project.  Wikis are generally better than producing a HTML website about your project because it takes less time to produce content (giving you more time to work on code) and gives you a professional-looking result with very little effort. 
    60 = Step 3: More code, recruit developers = 
     60= Step 5: More code, recruit developers = 
    6262You've done a great job getting your project for users and developers to participate.  There are a lot of competing projects in the Open Source community, so you shouldn't count on a team of developers joining you to chip in.  If you want your project to grow, it is important that you continue to work on the software on your own while you develop an end-user following and start to add developers to the project team.  Making more [wiki:"Release files for download" file releases] is a great way to drive some buzz around your project.