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How do I find software to download?

The best way to find software is to use our Search system.

Our search system is based on the Lucene search engine. We expose a sub-set of the Lucene Query Parser Syntax so you can try some advanced queries.


You can browse software by selecting filters along the left side of the search results. Popular Categories contain software in our most-downloaded categories. You can click multiple categories and sub-categories to refine the results. In addition to the categories, you can click filters for Development Status, Programming Language, and License.


You can combine search and filters to answer advanced queries like:

  • What PHP frameworks for 'REST' are available under the GPL?
    • Select Software Dev, Frameworks under Categories
    • Select PHP under Programming Language
    • Select GPL under License
    • Type 'REST' into search box
  • What are the most popular, stable, Video Conversion applications for YouTube?
    • Sort by 'Downloads'
    • Select Audio/Video, Video, Conversion under Popular Categories
    • Select 'Production/Stable' under Dev Status
    • Type 'YouTube' into search box


To re-sort search results, use the Sort By drop-down.

  • Relevance -- how well the project matches your search terms
  • Downloads - a sign of project popularity
  • Latest Release Date -- a sign of project vitality
  • Rating - a sign of project quality

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