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Virtual Host (VHOST) Configuration

Virtual Hosts (VHOSTs) are a way of supporting many websites using a single pool of web servers. Each project on SourceForge.net is allocated the http://PROJECTNAME.sourceforge.net VHOST for their Project Web site.

Some projects elect to register a vanity domain (such as PROJECTNAME.com). Through our Custom VHOST service, project administrators may configure our servers to answer traffic for those domains.

Note: The VHOST facility is not available for the Developer web space.

Step 1: Register the domain

Domain name registration is not typically free; there is an initial cost which registers the domain name for some period of time, then ongoing renewal fees to keep the domain registered. You are responsible for these fees.

To register a domain, you should contact an ICANN-accredited domain registrar.

If you eventually decide to let your domain lapse, remember to update any links (to avoid the risk of someone else, like a porn website, registering that domain and surprising your users when they try to access information about your project.

Step 2: Configure DNS for your domain

In order to have your domain point at some server which answers the traffic, you need to configure DNS (Domain Name Service) for the domain.

SourceForge.net does not provide DNS services. Many domain registrars provide DNS services on a for-pay basis. There are also several free-to-the-public DNS services, such as Granite Canyon. Your DNS provider will supply documentation on how to use their service. You are responsible for any fees if you choose a for-pay DNS service.

Using the tools provided by your DNS provider, configure the following:

  • yourdomain.com should be a IN A to
  • www.yourdomain.com should be a CNAME to vhost.sourceforge.net.
  • cvs.yourdomain.com should be a CNAME to PROJECTNAME.cvs.sourceforge.net.

Step 3: Have us answer your traffic

SourceForge.net servers will not properly route the traffic for your domain until you configure your project's custom VHOSTs. Custom VHOSTs are managed through a self-service tool, which may be accessed as follows:

  1. Login to SourceForge.net as a project administrator and go to the Project Summary page for your project.
  2. Go to the Project Admin pulldown menu.
  3. Click Feature Settings.
  4. Find the Virtual Hosts (VHOSTs) row.
  5. Click the 'Manage' link in the options column.
  6. Enter the domains that you would like us to answer for.
  7. Upload your content to your webspace (you may see 404 errors otherwise)

Records need to be added for each of the hostnames you want our servers to answer. If you want our servers to answer for mydomain.org and www.mydomain.org, you need to add these two records.

VHOST additions become active within six hours of being submitted.

We currently limit the number of custom VHOSTs to ten. Vote for action

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