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Read-Only Access

Read-Write Access

A list of supported CVS clients and configuration information is provided in the Features section of this page. The following configuration settings are used to access a SourceForge.net-hosted CVS repository with a CVS client:

  • Hostname: PROJECTNAME.cvs.sourceforge.net (PROJECTNAME is the project's UNIX name)
  • Port: 2401 (anonymous :pserver: authentication) or 22 (developer :ext: authentication via SSH)
  • Protocol: :pserver: for anonymous CVS, or :ext: for developers (with SSH for external authentication; export CVS_RSH=ssh)
  • Repository Path: /cvsroot/PROJECTNAME (PROJECTNAME is the project's UNIX name)
  • Username: 'anonymous' for anonymous CVS access or your SourceForge.net username for developer CVS access.
  • Password: There is no password for anonymous CVS access (just hit the enter key when prompted for one). You must generate a SSH key for developer authentication.

Firewalls and proxy servers may present a problem in using CVS. Workaround may be possible using this alternate configuration for developer (but not anonymous) access; contact your ISP or network administrator for assistance if you are having issues with anonymous or developer access and these workarounds do not function for your environment:

  • Hostname: PROJECTNAME.cvs.sourceforge.net (PROJECTNAME is the project's UNIX name)
  • Port: 443



Draw content from http://alexandria.wiki.sourceforge.net/CVS+Client+-+Command-line+CVS+client+with+OpenSSH

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