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Changes between Version 10 and Version 11 of Backup your data

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  • Backup your data

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    23= Backup your data = 
    4 Projects are expected to maintain their own set of backups as a precautionary measure. We will not restore your data if another user deletes it or if a user makes a mistake; we only restore data for catastrophic events. 
     5SourceForge.net performs routine backups for all of our servers and will restore from these backups in the event of catastrophic server failure (e.g. in the event of equipment failure, datacenter loss, etc.).  There is a cost associated with restores from our backup solution.  Due to our backup methods, we are unable to do per-project data restores. 
    6 !SourceForge.net maintains system backups of all data stored on !SourceForge.net servers. These backups are made on at least a weekly basis, and in most cases on a daily basis. The primary backup media is tape.  The backups are maintained for use in case of a catastrophe, such as a major host loss, earthquake or fire. !SourceForge.net administrative staff define when such a catastrophe has occurred. Due to the storage method, access restrictions and other logistical issues, restoration of the data is not possible on a per-project basis.  
     7We encourage projects to make their own backups, to permit the project to restore data on their own as needed.  In each of our service-related [wiki:"WikiStart" site docs] we include a reminder to perform backups. 
    8 Data that users or !SourceForge.net administrators "delete" from the !SourceForge.net site is merely hidden, but retained for perpetuity. 
     9Please note that data that users or !SourceForge.net administrators "delete" from the !SourceForge.net site is merely hidden, but retained for perpetuity. It is not necessary to restore this data if flagged as deleted; [wiki:"Contact us" contact us] for assistance. 
    1011= Data backup methods =