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Account registration

Visitors to SourceForge.net may create an account to gain access to more features of the site. Users must accept the site Terms of Use to complete account registration.

Password changes

All registered users can change their password at any time via their Account page

On account creation, users are prompted to create a strong password. Site users are not regularly prompted to change their password. However, on occasion, events may require that all users passwords are expired. In such cases, users are prompted at subsequent log-ins to create a new password.

Password recovery

Should you forget your password, you may recover this by utilizing the password recovery facility located on the log in page. Security questions are available to users who created their accounts after Late January 2008. All users can set their security question via their Account page.

Account recovery

Users may recover an account via the password recovery facility.

Selecting the link "Unable to recover your account by email or security question?" enables a form that requests the users email address that is on file for the account to be recovered, the "real name" associated to the account, as well as the new preferred email address for the account.

Account recovery requires the exact email address that is on file for an account. This is a security measure that assures an account is protected.

Account removal

Removing a user account



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