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Account registration

Software can be downloaded from SourceForge.net without registering an account. An account is needed in order to participate in discussion forums, submit bug reports, and join a project. Register a user account.

Account security

  • Accounts cannot be shared between users. Please register your own.
  • We encourage you to select a strong password for your account. Strong passwords are not shared between sites. Strong passwords contain both letters and numbers.
  • Please change your password on a regular basis.
  • SourceForge.net is an OpenID relying party. If you have an existing OpenID account, you may use it to access SourceForge.net.
  • If you decide not to use your account in the future, please remove it.

Account recovery

  • Newer accounts have a security question which we use for account recovery. Account holders of older accounts should set a security question.
  • If you lose your password, you may recover your account.
  • If you have lost your password, email access, and security question, you will need to contact us for assistance.

Managing account features

SourceForge.net user accounts are provided a set of features to help them participate in projects. These features may be managed from the Account Maintenance page and your My SF.net page. These features include our donation system, site newsletters, and the ability to participate in forums.

Users who become project developers are provided further advanced features, such as Hosted Apps and shell service. Some of these services require these services require the use of SSH keys.

All users are also provided a mail alias (username@…) which they can use for sending and receiving mail. Mail sent to the alias is passed through anti-spam and anti-virus checks, then passed to the private email address associated with your account.

Getting help

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