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Abandoned Project Takeover (APT)

SourceForge.net projects that are abandoned or no longer actively being developed, may potentially be taken over by another registered SourceForge.net user. To do so, send a message to the existing project administrators by clicking on their name(s) in the project listing and requesting that they add you as an administrator to the project so that you may continue its development. If they add you as an admin, you may takeover the running of the project in question.

If the project administrators do not respond, or you do not wish to contact them, you may register a new project under a new name on SourceForge.net and manually fork (duplicate) the source code and file releases as you see fit to continue its development. We recommend, but do not require, that you notify the existing project of your action and link back to the original so that the history of the project is maintained.

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