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#14917 SVN and SourceForge account passwords aren't both UNIX type no ENGR NF-2012 williwaw-cirse ctsai ctsai 10/31/10 04/26/11
#15592 License section in terms of use incomplete no SUPPORT PEND auria ctsai ctsai 12/02/10 12/02/10
#15608 Unable to move files to different folders no ENGR NF-4847 FORGE P2 seccanj ctsai anubisg1 12/02/10 01/03/14
#15628 File Manager unable to move previous release no ENGR NF-4847 FORGE P2 liverpoolfcfan ctsai ctsai 12/03/10 09/03/12
#15956 the new file manager -- how does one move files? no ENGR NF-4847 FORGE P2 williamroberts6 ctsai ctsai 12/18/10 09/03/12
#16866 login does not accept all passwords set at reset no ENGR NF-2012 ciuly ctsai ctsai 01/29/11 04/26/11
#17375 SVN check-ins fail with \ character in password no ENGR NF-2012 s1kevin ctsai ctsai 02/10/11 04/26/11
#18476 Page Broken (500): https://sourceforge.net/projects/jwcapture/update no ENGR NF-1867 DIR P3 zlzhang ctsai ctsai 03/23/11 08/31/12
#18673 FRS displaying wrong dates for directories no SOG MISC P3 lbayuk ctsai ctsai 04/04/11 09/03/12
#18828 resources.sourceforge.com paper submission no SUPPORT PEND dbrasher28 ctsai ctsai 04/13/11 04/13/11
#19287 SF2.0: can't edit search bins no ENGR NF-2104 FORGE P3 fvogelnew1 ctsai ctsai 05/08/11 09/03/12
#19919 "Summary" Tool Bug no ENGR NF-2286 FORGE P2 z80maniac ctsai ctsai 06/11/11 09/03/12
#20139 Main admin page in the beta website shouldn't list uninstalled apps no ENGR NF-4383 FORGE P2 willpittenger ctsai ctsai 06/20/11 09/03/12
#20781 Adobe AIR .air Files Renamed to .zip when downloaded in IE9 no SOG MISC P3 jamison_wilde wdavison moorman 07/21/11 09/19/12
#20896 HTML5-based file upload usually fails, wish SFTP could manage files no PEND jmichae3 ctsai jmichae3 07/28/11 03/28/12
#20899 permissions broken no PEND jmichae3 ctsai jmichae3 07/28/11 07/31/11
#20910 sf.net logo page does not give information on where to get logo from no ENGR NF-2539 FORGE P3 jmichae3 ctsai datalife 07/28/11 01/26/14
#21006 Password length of 32 chars not respected on login no ENGR NF-2556 DIR P3 renderman ctsai ctsai 08/03/11 09/03/12
#21047 Uploaded BMP and didn't get an error no ENGR NF-2578 FORGE P2 cjpanici ctsai ctsai 08/05/11 09/03/12
#21153 Repeated EMails From sf.net For Old Commit no ENGR NF-2606 FORGE P3 pedersen ctsai ctsai 08/12/11 09/03/12
#21195 .sig files are sent as Content-Type: text/plain no P3 PRWEB raysatiro ctsai burley 08/15/11 09/20/12
#21263 Tracker item text lost! no ENGR NF-2643 FORGE P2 zhnmju123 ctsai ctsai 08/18/11 09/03/12
#21314 Why is the Help Wanted section of Sourceforge so hard to find? no ENGR NF-2660 FORGE P2 moonwink ctsai ctsai 08/22/11 09/03/12
#21339 Master ticket for Version mismatch for PHP MySQL library 5.051a and MySQL server 5.1.47 no SOG P3 PRWEB clrg ceverest moorman 08/24/11 09/19/12
#21469 Snapshot links on gitweb are gone no SOG SCM P3 energyxperts wdavison moorman 09/01/11 09/19/12
#21476 screenshots don't change if old one is there and same text used no PEND jmichae3 ctsai jmichae3 09/01/11 07/29/13
#21494 Could not delete sub-project no ENGR NF-2733 FORGE P3 medhadrouj ctsai ctsai 09/02/11 09/03/12
#21713 "Resume / Description of Experience" doesn't appear anywhere no ENGR NF-2660 FORGE P2 rado ctsai ctsai 09/18/11 09/03/12
#21867 Incorrect gravatar used on user page no ENGR NF-2868 FORGE P3 pander ctsai ctsai 09/27/11 09/03/12
#21887 git analytics and colour no ENGR NF-2882 FORGE P3 jpff ctsai ctsai 09/28/11 09/03/12
#21925 Subproject rename not propagated to most tools no ENGR NF-4810 FORGE P3 boen_robot ctsai ctsai 10/01/11 09/03/12
#22041 Mercurial subrepo with read/write access no felipecoelho ctsai moorman 10/07/11 09/19/12
#22451 What controls Platform(s) Available icons on sidebar? no ENGR NF-3494 DIR P3 lbayuk ctsai lbayuk 10/30/11 09/03/12
#22492 SF2.0: screenshots get cropped no ENGR NF-3147 FORGE P3 fvogelnew1 ctsai ctsai 11/01/11 09/03/12
#22536 SVN operations no ENGR NF-3637 FORGE P3 snookie ctsai ctsai 11/04/11 09/05/12
#22551 discard spam from mailing-list by replying to message no SOG ML P3 carandraug bprew carandraug 11/04/11 11/28/12
#22559 Fix "Last Update" on project summary page no ENGR NF-3637 FORGE P3 lbayuk ctsai ctsai 11/05/11 09/05/12
#22648 Download Count on Project Title Page differs from Download Count in Stats no ENGR NF-3206 FORGE P3 fhaag ctsai ctsai 11/09/11 09/03/12
#22773 'Last update' info is NOT updated by GIT activities no ENGR NF-3637 FORGE P3 projettwk ctsai ctsai 11/15/11 09/05/12
#22807 Tags sorted in random way. Allure (SourceForge Beta) Mercurial repo. no ENGR NF-3286 FORGE P3 gavenkoa ctsai ctsai 11/17/11 09/03/12
#22871 Project web: Mail delivery fails if recipient's host has enabled Sender Verification no SOG P3 PRWEB ovidr wdavison moorman 11/21/11 09/19/12
#23274 Not receiving email updates no SOG ML P3 nikratio jehedden moorman 12/17/11 09/19/12
#23336 huge amounts of bogus search results (99.9%) due to OR no ENGR NF-2835 FORGE P3 jmichae3 ctsai ctsai 12/21/11 04/16/13
#23353 No BSD icon in "Platform(s) Avaiable" section no ENGR NF-3494 DIR P3 philkime ctsai ctsai 12/21/11 09/03/12
#23461 Character count for Descriptions is inaccurate no ENGR NF-3517 FORGE P3 dhoerl ctsai ctsai 12/29/11 09/03/12
#23558 Flags get deleted when replacing a file with a newer version no ENGR NF-3526 FORGE P3 humbedooh ctsai ctsai 01/04/12 09/03/12
#23605 README.txt isn´t instantly displayed after upload via SCP no ENGR NF-3578 FORGE P3 larsen255 ctsai ctsai 01/06/12 09/03/12
#23696 Permissions problem on mailing list no ENGR NF-3589 NF-3590 FORGE P3 stumoodie ctsai ctsai 01/11/12 09/03/12
#23697 "Exclude Stats" tick does not persist in FRS no ENGR NF-3574 FORGE P3 humbedooh ctsai ctsai 01/11/12 09/03/12
#23865 rss feed shows outdated data no ENGR NF-3639 FORGE P3 tk1065 ctsai ctsai 01/21/12 09/03/12
#23891 Double emails no ENGR NF-3640 FORGE P3 ignorantguru ctsai ignorantguru 01/23/12 09/16/12
#23914 Mysterious 'delete project' functionality sometimes visible on project control panel no ENGR NF-3650 FORGE P3 dtrg ctsai ctsai 01/24/12 09/03/12
#23933 Download timeline borks when going from a manually entered date to "Today" no ENGR NF-3649 FORGE P3 humbedooh ctsai ctsai 01/25/12 09/03/12
#23974 When answering a SF message, I get an error no PEND albertzeyer ctsai albertzeyer 01/27/12 01/27/12
#24109 enhancement: Default Download Mirror *should* indicate "Auto-Select" instead of "None" no ENGR NF-3709 FORGE P3 nwschley ctsai ctsai 02/02/12 09/03/12
#24232 The set of passwords, which are can be successfully set, are bigger than the set of passwords, which can be used for a sucessful login. no PEND pardusonca ctsai pardusonca 02/08/12 02/19/12
#24302 tracker browse sort by submitter or assignee isn't sorted by userid no ENGR NF-3742 FORGE P3 jmichae3 ctsai ctsai 02/13/12 09/03/12
#24321 /etc/mercurial/preoutgoing error no sds ctsai moorman 02/14/12 09/19/12
#24452 No response from hg's notify function. no PEND acmacm ctsai acmacm 02/20/12 02/23/12
#24487 beta sf.net projects require 3 clicks on permissions button in tools no PEND jmichae3 ctsai jmichae3 02/22/12 02/26/12
#24502 svn commit fails on utf-8 filenames no SOG SCM P2 brlcad wdavison ctsai 02/23/12 09/03/12
#24504 sf.net beta bugs gives server error 500 for new bugs and bug is lost no PEND jmichae3 ctsai jmichae3 02/23/12 03/04/12
#24505 new beta projects - why admin no rights to moderate? no PEND jmichae3 ctsai jmichae3 02/23/12 02/25/12
#24545 no subscribe link on mailinglist pages no ENGR NF-2679 FORGE P3 christian_boltz ctsai ctsai 02/25/12 09/03/12
#24672 hey SourceForge Team no PEND trilexcom ctsai trilexcom 03/04/12 03/30/12
#24963 all my projects permissions were reset no PEND jmichae3 ctsai jmichae3 03/26/12 03/28/12
#25060 Discussion forum broken - not showing messages posted by users no ENGR NF-4013 FORGE P3 ramitb ctsai ctsai 04/02/12 09/03/12
#25140 XSRF Attempt Detected! - If Cookies are disabled no ENGR NF-4028 FORGE P2 xypron ctsai ctsai 04/06/12 09/03/12
#25155 Incorrect project statistics for three year period no ENGR NF-4032 FORGE P2 xypron ctsai ctsai 04/07/12 09/03/12
#25263 Supporting UTF-8 and non-ascii encoding in mailman digest mode no SOG ML P3 karunakar wdavison ctsai 04/14/12 09/03/12
#25290 Screenshot description is scrambled no ENGR NF-4067 DIR P3 hauzzer ctsai ctsai 04/17/12 09/03/12
#25399 Forum icones no ENGR NF-4851 FORGE P3 invinciblecat ctsai ctsai 04/25/12 09/03/12
#25535 Categories no PEND jlfreimam ctsai jlfreimam 05/06/12 05/10/12
#25611 Spam reviews still shown in rss feed no ENGR NF-4195 FORGE P3 zhnmju123 ctsai ctsai 05/10/12 09/03/12
#25635 mercurial error when running preoutgoing hook no julianc ctsai moorman 05/11/12 09/19/12
#25690 Can't export database from https://mysql-a.sourceforge.net/ (2) no SOG P3 PRWEB instructor_ wdavison ctsai 05/15/12 10/03/12
#25703 wrong registration time for dns_zone_check no ENGR NF-4241 DIR P2 mor_ty ctsai ctsai 05/16/12 09/03/12
#25810 How to control hg mercurial notifications no PEND jarekczek ctsai jarekczek 05/24/12 05/25/12
#25816 Botched mount point, repository: https://sourceforge.net/p/verbosio/jasmine/ no ENGR NF-4283 FORGE P3 ajvincent ctsai ctsai 05/25/12 09/03/12
#25854 upgraded project labels do not affect sf.net site search results no ENGR NF-4302 FORGE P3 zeromus ctsai ctsai 05/28/12 09/03/12
#25901 Creative Commons licenses unusable/outdated/incomplete no LEGAL PEND qubodup ctsai ctsai 05/31/12 06/04/12
#25925 Select columns in the new Tracker doesn't work no ENGR NF-3475 FORGE P3 orwelldevcpp ctsai ctsai 06/02/12 09/03/12
#26077 Mercurial issue no lenclud ctsai moorman 06/11/12 09/19/12
#26119 reviews list no ENGR NF-4195 DIR P3 albertopereto ctsai ctsai 06/13/12 09/03/12
#26203 Markdown: extra white space before code sections no ENGR NF-4421 FORGE P3 simonjwright ctsai ctsai 06/16/12 09/03/12
#26302 SF2.0 Discussion Tool: new topic posted via email doesn't show up no ENGR NF-4013 FORGE P3 jnewsome ctsai ctsai 06/20/12 09/03/12
#26336 Screenshots are not updating on application page? no ENGR NF-3690 DIR P3 rchassereau ctsai ctsai 06/22/12 09/03/12
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