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Ticket Summary Private Keywords Reporter Owner Commenter Created Modified
#20781 Adobe AIR .air Files Renamed to .zip when downloaded in IE9 no SOG MISC P3 jamison_wilde wdavison moorman 07/21/11 09/19/12
#21469 Snapshot links on gitweb are gone no SOG SCM P3 energyxperts wdavison moorman 09/01/11 09/19/12
#22871 Project web: Mail delivery fails if recipient's host has enabled Sender Verification no SOG P3 PRWEB ovidr wdavison moorman 11/21/11 09/19/12
#23274 Not receiving email updates no SOG ML P3 nikratio jehedden moorman 12/17/11 09/19/12
#21195 .sig files are sent as Content-Type: text/plain no P3 PRWEB raysatiro ctsai burley 08/15/11 09/20/12
#25690 Can't export database from https://mysql-a.sourceforge.net/ (2) no SOG P3 PRWEB instructor_ wdavison ctsai 05/15/12 10/03/12
#22551 discard spam from mailing-list by replying to message no SOG ML P3 carandraug bprew carandraug 11/04/11 11/28/12
#26674 Daily digests not being generated no SOG ML P1 dts12 burley burley 07/18/12 11/29/12
#26524 Can't post standard XML files - even in code tags - to forums due to anti-spam measures. no PEND thor84no ctsai scientastic 07/06/12 02/11/13
#23336 huge amounts of bogus search results (99.9%) due to OR no ENGR NF-2835 FORGE P3 jmichae3 ctsai ctsai 12/21/11 04/16/13
#21476 screenshots don't change if old one is there and same text used no PEND jmichae3 ctsai jmichae3 09/01/11 07/29/13
#15608 Unable to move files to different folders no ENGR NF-4847 FORGE P2 seccanj ctsai anubisg1 12/02/10 01/03/14
#20910 sf.net logo page does not give information on where to get logo from no ENGR NF-2539 FORGE P3 jmichae3 ctsai datalife 07/28/11 01/26/14
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