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{16} PEND tickets (24 matches)

All tickets tagged as PEND

Ticket Summary Keywords Private Reporter Owner Last Modified Created
#15592 License section in terms of use incomplete SUPPORT PEND False auria ctsai ctsai 12/02/10 12/02/10
#18828 resources.sourceforge.com paper submission SUPPORT PEND False dbrasher28 ctsai ctsai 04/13/11 04/13/11
#20899 permissions broken PEND False jmichae3 ctsai jmichae3 07/31/11 07/28/11
#23974 When answering a SF message, I get an error PEND False albertzeyer ctsai albertzeyer 01/27/12 01/27/12
#24232 The set of passwords, which are can be successfully set, are bigger than the set of passwords, which can be used for a sucessful login. PEND False pardusonca ctsai pardusonca 02/19/12 02/08/12
#24452 No response from hg's notify function. PEND False acmacm ctsai acmacm 02/23/12 02/20/12
#24505 new beta projects - why admin no rights to moderate? PEND False jmichae3 ctsai jmichae3 02/25/12 02/23/12
#24487 beta sf.net projects require 3 clicks on permissions button in tools PEND False jmichae3 ctsai jmichae3 02/26/12 02/22/12
#24504 sf.net beta bugs gives server error 500 for new bugs and bug is lost PEND False jmichae3 ctsai jmichae3 03/04/12 02/23/12
#20896 HTML5-based file upload usually fails, wish SFTP could manage files PEND False jmichae3 ctsai jmichae3 03/28/12 07/28/11
#24963 all my projects permissions were reset PEND False jmichae3 ctsai jmichae3 03/28/12 03/26/12
#24672 hey SourceForge Team PEND False trilexcom ctsai trilexcom 03/30/12 03/04/12
#25535 Categories PEND False jlfreimam ctsai jlfreimam 05/10/12 05/06/12
#25810 How to control hg mercurial notifications PEND False jarekczek ctsai jarekczek 05/25/12 05/24/12
#25901 Creative Commons licenses unusable/outdated/incomplete LEGAL PEND False qubodup ctsai ctsai 06/04/12 05/31/12
#26425 no control over anon users creating forums PEND False jmichae3 ctsai jmichae3 07/03/12 06/30/12
#26627 Mirror selection page cannot select a mirror ("Use this mirror" button didn't show up) PEND False xwindows ctsai xwindows 07/17/12 07/15/12
#26524 Can't post standard XML files - even in code tags - to forums due to anti-spam measures. PEND False thor84no ctsai scientastic 02/11/13 07/06/12
#21476 screenshots don't change if old one is there and same text used PEND False jmichae3 ctsai jmichae3 07/29/13 09/01/11
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