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Ticket Summary Owner Resolution Private Reporter Keywords
#901 Requesting Trac + Bzr (Bazaar) integration -- self-service False davidsiaw bzr, trac, integration
#902 glitches with multiple git repositories mmoore wontfix False pabs3 SOG
#903 trac tickets not associated with sf.net account -- self-service False pabs3 trac
#905 mailman: Can't use non-7-bit ASCII characters in member name, extended/UTF8 characters get &#xxx;-encoded mmoore fixed False netrolller3d SOG
#906 Error 403 when trying to log in dricci fixed False manuelbi login 403 error
#907 download missing from project administration page dricci self-service False giraffedata project administration downloads
#908 accidentally overwrote uploads directory of my user with a file jhaverlack fixed False kfoltman SOG
#909 mirror sites -- invalid False scman14
#911 Hosted App Wordpress Blog Title Cannot Be Changed -- self-service False davidsiaw
#913 Textile support in Trac Wiki -- self-service False arst trac wiki textile
#914 Stats: Statistics is still down hinojosa fixed False davija PEND
#915 request for project removal -- wontfix False sos_alrova
#916 access to external http server -- wontfix False gressier
#917 How do I respond to your response on ticket #896? dricci invalid False acmacm Bewilderment
#918 Remove project dricci fixed False woowil
#920 Download statistics are unavailable most of the time. dricci fixed False mruijter
#921 Remove GOmx project dricci wontfix False felipec
#922 trying to find the right download -- invalid False sylvysue
#923 Project association with freshmeat fails with error hinojosa wontfix False tomcraft1980
#924 unable to delete files in group htdocs nhruby fixed False jtittsler SOG
#926 Cannot upload project web site dricci worksforme False ccancinos
#927 Filters: sourceforge search results, display options are exclusive hinojosa fixed False u657276 ENGR
#930 Removal of project dricci wontfix False mast76
#931 Install a plugin -- self-service False ifuschini
#932 Mantis database backup howto dricci fixed False hsn mantis
#933 Project Myopa SVN Stats not working any more nhruby fixed False myopa SOG
#934 Users gets unsolicted git activity dricci duplicate False pekberg git
#935 Project Website help -- self-service False gerryarmstrong
#936 spam filtering -- wontfix False henca
#937 Files in upload folder not available when creating download page dricci self-service False djenkins35 uploads
#938 Project removal jwigglesworth self-service False khaidar
#940 Broken webserver vhost configuration mixing up projects -- invalid False lazaruslong
#941 Project removal request -- fixed False shiretu Adobe's slaves
#942 I want to login. jwigglesworth invalid False playmobile
#945 project removal -- fixed False slug359
#946 Help on adminrepo dricci self-service False ezechielf
#947 anonymous edit access not working in trac hosted app mmoore wontfix False purdea_andrei SOG
#948 Please close my account; being used for spam -- self-service False chaase
#949 Multiple comment boxes dricci wontfix False minijem tracker, comment box
#950 Software Map view issue hinojosa fixed False stealth-emd ENGR
#951 Change license -- self-service False fmccown
#953 Wiki editing broken? moorman wontfix False pc_geek Wiki Spaces
#954 icyphoenix -- fixed False mightygorgon
#956 Remove projects -- duplicate False edsiper
#957 Remove projects jwigglesworth self-service False edsiper
#958 Error in the cvs repository jwigglesworth fixed False creepy123
#959 Can not access many sf.net pages after uploading multiple pictures to gallery jwigglesworth fixed False engel_sanchez
#961 Remove project jwigglesworth fixed False jtorne remove project
#962 Please delete the project zmanimbot jwigglesworth fixed False mkopinsky
#963 Project not appearing in search dricci worksforme False singhsudeep
#964 ViewCVS seems to have lost track of the gnuplot repository jwigglesworth fixed False sfeam
#965 Close FireWatij Project jwigglesworth fixed False lanzendoerfer
#966 spam jwigglesworth self-service False cierny mail spam
#967 Developers are not able to manage releases any longer dricci invalid False markomlm
#969 Stats: Download statistics most of the time unavailable hinojosa fixed False hofman PEND
#972 Project Removal Request: bandmanager and pord dricci fixed False lack
#976 WarKeys -- self-service False randygeronimo
#977 login trouble dricci fixed False bubla
#979 Spammer using mail account? dricci invalid False ozzzy42
#980 All statistics links lead to "connection timed out" errors dricci fixed False ontbijt statistics timeout
#981 Can't edit permissions of project members hinojosa wontfix False agwadude ENGR
#982 Constantly receiving SPAM dricci wontfix False katrin_moeller
#983 User permission - not set hinojosa fixed False sravms ENGR
#985 Some SF webhosting questions jwigglesworth duplicate False danielpharos
#986 CVS problems cmaloney fixed False gigitrix SOG
#987 Project removal dricci wontfix False rduartes
#989 Project removal dricci fixed False tclahr
#990 MediaWiki: SourceForge Banner and Main Page title dricci fixed False nicowp MediaWiki, Banner, Main Page Title
#991 removal of pyrot dricci fixed False chris_flesher
#993 error reporting bug to winmerge project jwigglesworth self-service False Larry4882
#994 error reporting bug to winmerge project -- duplicate False Larry4882
#997 Link to "Update project web pages" is broken hinojosa fixed False outputlogic ENGR
#998 Please remove my project dricci invalid False tgp1994
#999 Trac "can't synchronize with repository" after repository import dricci fixed False agwadude
#1000 No way to import Tracker bugs/requests into Trac dricci wontfix False greg-williams Trac Tracker import
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