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Instructions for joining the SourceForge.net mirror network: speed-test.txt

File speed-test.txt, 0.6 KB (added by wdavison, 3 months ago)

Simple speed test for mirror applicants

1# Run the following two rsync commands to test your download rate from
2# the SourceForge.net master mirror.  Then send us the full resulting output
3# from rsync (minus the "SourceForge.net public RSYNC server" banner).
4# Note that the connection used below is rate limited so this test is
5# just to verify that your connection to us isn't really slow.
7# This is a 120MB file
8rsync -avP 'master.dl.sourceforge.net::sourceforge/k/project/kn/knoppixmame/knoppixmame/1.3 beta 19/KnoppiXMAME-1.3b19.iso' .
10# This is a 1.2GB file
11rsync -avP 'master.dl.sourceforge.net::sourceforge/n/project/ns/nst/NST/NST v2.16.0-4104/nst-2.16.0-4104.i686.iso' .