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and .


21:53 Ticket #214 (Freeze with Intel 320: exception Emask 0x2 SAct 0x0 SErr 0x3000400 action ...) closed by chrfranke
fixed: r3591, r3606.
21:49 Changeset [3606] by chrfranke
drivedb.h updates: - Intel 320 and 710 Series SSDs: Set '-F nologdir' - …
21:35 Changeset [3605] by chrfranke
Create branches RELEASE_5_4[0-3]_DRIVEDB with last drivedb.h file …
21:20 Changeset [3604] by chrfranke
drivedb.h updates: - SAMSUNG SpinPoint? M40/60/80: HM120IC - USB: Oxford …
19:42 Changeset [3603] by chrfranke
smartctl: Print nominal media rotation rate in '-i' output (ATA).


20:15 Changeset [3602] by chrfranke
knowndrives.cpp: Fix missing '-F xerrorlba' in '-P show' output.
18:35 Changeset [3601] by chrfranke
os_win32.cpp: Use WMI to get serial number if IOCTL_STORAGE_QUERY_PROPERTY …
17:43 Changeset [3600] by chrfranke
os_win32.cpp: Remove more Win9x/ME/NT4 specific code: ATA drive number, …


21:48 Changeset [3599] by chrfranke
Update NEWS.
21:44 Changeset [3598] by chrfranke
Add '-F xerrorlba' option/directive.
21:10 Changeset [3597] by chrfranke
Rework '-F' option handling. Add support for multiple '-F' options and …


02:34 Howto_ReadSmartctlReports_ATA_542.1 edited by dipohl
Link to page with background info on offline testing (diff)
02:28 Howto_ReadSmartctlReports_ATA_542.1 edited by dipohl
SMART execute Offline immediate (diff)
01:48 Howto_ReadSmartctlReports_ATA_542.1 edited by dipohl
Add title (diff)


01:00 Howto_ReadSmartctlReports_ATA_542.1 edited by dipohl
LBA (diff)
00:53 Howto_ReadSmartctlReports_ATA_542.1 edited by dipohl
UNC and LBA (diff)
00:38 Howto_ReadSmartctlReports_ATA_542.1 edited by dipohl
Info on UNCorrectable Error in Data (diff)
00:04 Howto_ReadSmartctlReports_ATA_542.1 edited by dipohl
info on overall-health-state (diff)


21:37 Help edited by dipohl
Link to both annotated reports (diff)
21:03 Supported_USB-Devices edited by andim2
More details about PL3507 status (diff)
14:50 Supported_USB-Devices edited by andim2
Add version 2.10 of 0x13fd:0x1340 (diff)
11:45 Howto_ReadSmartctlReports_ATA_542.1 created by dipohl
move draft to permament page


22:21 Howto_ReadSmartctlReports_ATA_new edited by dipohl
Transfer from old report complete. Still missing explanations for new … (diff)
22:10 Howto_ReadSmartctlReports_ATA_new created by dipohl
Show report from current release


20:00 Ticket #237 (0x0472:0x2053 Silicon Power 1TB external USB drive need -d sat by default) closed by chrfranke
worksforme: Already fixed in r3588. Run /usr/sbin/update-smart-drivedb to test.
19:18 Ticket #237 (0x0472:0x2053 Silicon Power 1TB external USB drive need -d sat by default) created by adamm
The drive is not recognized by default, but by adding -d sat, it works. …


23:03 Ticket #236 (3ware 9750 support in FreeBSD) created by smokey7722
When attempting to access the my 3ware SAS9750-4i4e RAID controller I get …


10:04 Supported_USB-Devices edited by edso
10:02 Supported_USB-Devices edited by edso
10:01 Supported_USB-Devices edited by edso
09:24 Supported_USB-Devices edited by edso
09:18 Supported_USB-Devices edited by edso


20:56 Changeset [3596] by chrfranke
Makefile.am: Fix typo in ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS.
20:43 Changeset [3595] by chrfranke
smartd.cpp: MailWarning?(): Move variable declarations, use sizeof() …
20:10 Changeset [3594] by chrfranke
smartd.cpp: Rework dnsname(). Print "[None]" instead of "[Unknown]" if …
18:59 Changeset [3593] by chrfranke
Windows smartd: Use gethostname/gethostbyname() from winsock. Remove …


20:49 Ticket #185 (Include device identity in smartd warning emails) closed by chrfranke
fixed: r3592.
20:46 Changeset [3592] by chrfranke
smartd: Include device identify info in warning emails (ticket #185). Add …
19:46 Changeset [3591] by chrfranke
Add '-F nologdir' option/directive. Prevents freeze of some Intel SSDs …


22:05 Ticket #235 (Unknown USB bridge for Seagate Backup Plus) created by szpak
I've got following error for Seagate Backup Plus 1TB drive: /dev/sdb: …
12:53 Supported_USB-Devices edited by ilya_the_ripper


21:45 Ticket #232 (Unknown USB bridge [0x3538:0x0902 (0x000)] works with -d sat) closed by chrfranke
fixed: r3588.
21:44 Ticket #231 (Imation Odyssey external USB dock) closed by chrfranke
fixed: r3588.
21:38 Changeset [3590] by chrfranke
smartd: Don't log ignored -W directive as critical.
21:24 Changeset [3589] by chrfranke
os_win32/hostname_win32.cpp: Fix WINVER.
21:22 Changeset [3588] by chrfranke
[CF] drivedb.h updates: - Smart Storage Systems Xcel-10 SSDs: Move entry, …
19:24 Download edited by chrfranke
Add update-smart-drivedb.exe, remove 5.39 drivedb.h branch info (diff)
16:52 Download edited by chrfranke
Use "sudo" for examples which must be run as root (diff)
16:46 Download edited by chrfranke
Update Windows install info (diff)
14:23 Download edited by chrfranke
Remove outdated install info for Linux (diff)


10:42 WikiStart edited by chrfranke
Update Samsung patch info (diff)
10:32 WikiStart edited by chrfranke
Remove Intel X25 firmware update entry (diff)
10:18 WikiStart edited by chrfranke
New HDD Guardian version released (diff)


17:36 Ticket #234 (Impossible to access to the physical disks behind a 3Ware 9650 RAID card) closed by chrfranke
duplicate: See ticket #233.
11:53 Ticket #234 (Impossible to access to the physical disks behind a 3Ware 9650 RAID card) created by xmilha
I have an 3Ware 9650 RAID card with 4 physical disks (Samsung HD203WI with …
11:53 Ticket #233 (Impossible to access to the physical disks behind a 3Ware 9650 RAID card) created by xmilha
I have an 3Ware 9650 RAID card with 4 physical disks (Samsung HD203WI with …


19:45 WikiStart edited by chrfranke
New GSmartControl version 0.8.7 released (diff)


21:13 Supported_USB-Devices edited by gumptravels
21:06 Supported_USB-Devices edited by gumptravels
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