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and .


20:48 Ticket #72 (XML-Output) created by dipohl
Our user Anders wants to do automated processing of smartctl reports and …


19:12 Download edited by chrfranke
Update list of bootable CDs (diff)
17:49 Changeset [3103] by chrfranke
Merge r3102 into 5.39 drivedb.h branch.
17:44 Changeset [3102] by chrfranke
drivedb.h updates: - Add raw64 attributes 1, 210-213 to all SSD drives …
16:03 Changeset [3101] by chrfranke
Support smartd '-l xerror' also for disks which use reserved byte as log …


22:58 Howto_ReadSmartctlReports_ATA edited by dipohl
link to documentation about attributes (diff)
22:38 Changeset [3100] by chrfranke
Fix initialization of values missing in smartd '.state' files.
21:21 Ticket #18 (os_freebsd.cpp - convert ATA interfaces from *::ata_command_interface to ...) closed by chrfranke
fixed: r3011, r3017, r3066. Created new tickets #70 and #71 for …
21:16 Ticket #71 (os_freebsd.cpp: Implement freebsd_highpoint_device::ata_pass_through()) created by chrfranke
See ticket #18.
21:14 Ticket #70 (os_freebsd.cpp: Implement freebsd_escalade_device::ata_pass_through()) created by chrfranke
See ticket #18.
21:06 Ticket #34 (Check error count from Extended Comprehensive SMART error log) closed by chrfranke
fixed: r3099.
21:05 Howto_ReadSmartctlReports_ATA edited by dipohl
Describe the NORMALIZED values (diff)
21:00 Changeset [3099] by chrfranke
Add smartd directive '-l xerror' to check error count from the Extended …
17:38 Ticket #49 (cciss bug smartd/smartd with more than 15 devices) closed by chrfranke
fixed: r3098.
17:35 Changeset [3098] by chrfranke
Fix max number of cciss devices (ticket #49).
14:54 Changeset [3097] by chrfranke
Update man pages.
14:32 Changeset [3096] by chrfranke
Enable Id keyword expansion for all files of r3095.
12:33 Changeset [3095] by dpgilbert
D. Gilbert: correct my email address
10:53 Changeset [3094] by chrfranke
Add SVN revision number to man pages.
09:57 Changeset [3093] by chrfranke
Windows: Read default drivedb.h and smartd.conf from exe directory instead …


12:30 Changeset [3092] by chrfranke
Merge r3091 into 5.39 drivedb.h branch.
12:25 Changeset [3091] by chrfranke
drivedb.h update: - SAMSUNG SpinPoint? M series
11:03 Changeset [3090] by chrfranke
Replace runtime check of byte ordering by compile time check.
09:50 Changeset [3089] by chrfranke
Prevent merge of r3087, r3088 into 5.39 drivedb.h branch.
09:30 Ticket #69 (please detect lacie hd 0x059f:0x0951) closed by chrfranke
fixed: r3088.
09:26 Changeset [3088] by chrfranke
drivedb.h USB updates: - ALi M5621 (unsupported) - LaCie? with JMicron …


21:14 WikiStart edited by chrfranke
Add news about branch RELEASE_5_39_DRIVEDB, remove last news (diff)
20:34 Ticket #44 (Read USB ID table from a file) closed by chrfranke
fixed: r3087.
20:31 Changeset [3087] by chrfranke
Read USB ID info from drivedb.h (ticket #44).
20:18 Changeset [3086] by chrfranke
Create branch RELEASE_5_39_DRIVEDB with last drivedb.h file compatible …
19:57 Changeset [3085] by chrfranke
Windows: Fix include dirs in MSVC project files.


00:12 raw_values edited by dipohl
next chapter of the case (diff)


23:59 raw_values created by dipohl
best viewed in hexadecimal format
23:47 TocDoc edited by dipohl
New page for Francs *lectures on deciphering raw values* (diff)
17:10 Download edited by chrfranke
Update list of packages and list of bootable CDs (diff)


22:30 Changeset [3084] by manfred99
drivedb.h updates: - WD Raptor 80GB variant - correct Regex for some WD …


19:35 Changeset [3083] by chrfranke
Move 'posix/getopt*' to 'getopt/getopt*'.
12:47 Ticket #69 (please detect lacie hd 0x059f:0x0951) created by fgiunchedi
Similar to ticket #65 this is a lacie HD supported by -d usbjmicron. …


12:48 Ticket #68 (QNX Support) closed by chrfranke
duplicate: see ticket #1.
08:47 Ticket #68 (QNX Support) created by jhering
Hallo Herr Franke, nach langer Zeit habe ich mich wieder mit smartmontools …


09:31 Supported_RAID-Controllers edited by chrfranke
Add note about missing support of Areca 1680 (diff)
09:24 Ticket #21 (not able to pull stats from drives attached to areca 1680 controllers) closed by chrfranke
wontfix: These controllers reportedly do not provide the required pass through …
07:13 Ticket #67 (Misleading log message when self-test error count decreased to zero) closed by chrfranke
fixed: r3082.
07:05 Changeset [3082] by chrfranke
smartd '-l selftest' directive: Print info if error count decreased. Avoid …


13:18 Ticket #67 (Misleading log message when self-test error count decreased to zero) created by chrfranke
Smartd prints this message when the last failed self-test entry has …


22:35 Howto_ReadSmartctlReports_ATA edited by dipohl
Worst value (diff)
22:24 Howto_ReadSmartctlReports_ATA edited by dipohl
Threshold value (diff)


23:12 Howto_ReadSmartctlReports_ATA edited by dipohl
Attribute_Name (diff)
21:06 Howto_ReadSmartctlReports_ATA edited by dipohl
drive in database (diff)
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