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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#321 [patch] use %zu to print size_t instead of %lu new somebody patch trivial Release 6.3
#64 Replace DEVICESCAN by something more flexible accepted chrfranke enhancement minor
#71 os_freebsd.cpp: Implement freebsd_highpoint_device::ata_pass_through() new somebody enhancement minor
#90 Allow to ignore small changes of attribute values accepted chrfranke enhancement minor
#107 Monitor worst and threshold value new somebody enhancement minor
#110 Print self-test failure checkpoint byte new somebody enhancement minor
#117 IDENTIFY of USB devices may not work on bigendian NetBSD platforms new somebody defect minor
#179 Rework SCSI debug output new somebody task minor
#184 Support new ATA POWER MODE values new somebody enhancement minor
#187 information of partitions accepted chrfranke enhancement minor
#205 Request for 3ware stdin support to smartctl in Linux accepted chrfranke enhancement minor
#215 Read xerror and append new error(s) to log file new somebody enhancement minor
#218 DEVICESCAN -d removable new somebody enhancement minor
#230 Areca device for Windows not showing in --scan new somebody enhancement minor
#291 Temparature printout broken on tempminmax device once drive has been below 0C accepted chrfranke enhancement minor Release 6.3
#299 Feature request: Read drive info through WMI new somebody enhancement minor
#302 smartd Selective Self-Test SIZE accepted chrfranke enhancement minor
#52 os_linux.cpp: Implement linux_highpoint_device::ata_pass_through() new somebody enhancement major
#54 os_linux.cpp: Implement linux_marvell_device::ata_pass_through() new somebody enhancement major
#55 Rework ATA debug output accepted chrfranke task major
#60 DEVICESCAN and hotplug new somebody enhancement major
#93 os_linux.cpp: Use SG_IO instead of deprecated SCSI ioctl new somebody defect major
#101 os_netbsd.cpp: Migrate to new dev_interface new somebody enhancement major
#102 os_openbsd.cpp: Migrate to new dev_interface new somebody enhancement major
#103 os_darwin.cpp: Migrate to new dev_interface new somebody enhancement major
#104 os_solaris.cpp: Migrate to new dev_interface new somebody enhancement major
#105 os_qnxnto.cpp: Migrate to new dev_interface new somebody enhancement major
#197 LSI megaraid INQUIRY failed reopened samm2 defect major
#253 Add Highpoint RocketRAID support (hptiop) assigned samm2 enhancement major
#272 Support for SanDisk iSSD P4 16GB (SSD_9.41) accepted samm2 enhancement major Release 6.3
#285 unsupported highpoint rocketraid 3520 new somebody defect major
#292 Some Seagate drives play loose with the usage of some fields, confuses calculations new somebody enhancement major
#296 Support SAT ATA PASS-THROUGH fixed format sense data accepted chrfranke enhancement major Release 6.3
#305 smartctl loses 1 byte from response to scsiModeSense in FreeBSD new somebody defect major Release 6.3
#310 Automatic staggering of drive tests accepted chrfranke enhancement major
#313 /dev/disk/by-id in smartd.conf ignored accepted chrfranke enhancement major
#314 Percentage used endurance indicator too short on HP new somebody defect major
#320 Support for Seagate Expansion Drive (3TB) accepted chrfranke enhancement major Release 6.3
#326 New Crucial M500 S.M.A.R.T. attributes for MU03 accepted chrfranke patch major Release 6.3
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