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21    smartmontools Download Page</h1>
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36<div class="right-header">
37<h2>How to download and install</h2>
38<p>There are different ways to get and install
39smartmontools. You can use any of the procedures below
40(the fourth is for Debian Linux only). On the right side are instructions for trying
41out smartmontools once you have completed the installation. The
42<b><a href="">
43INSTALL</a></b> file contains additional information.</p>
45<li><strong>Install precompiled package</strong><br />(<a href="#rpm">Instructions</a>)
46  <ol>
47  <li><strong>Debian package</strong><br />(<a href="#debian">Instructions</a>)</li>
48  <li><strong>Redhat package</strong><br />(<a href="#redhat">Instructions</a>)</li>
49  <li><strong>Other Linux distributions with RPM</strong><br />(<a href="#other-rpm">Instructions</a>)</li>
50  <li><strong>Cygwin package</strong><br />(<a href="#CygwinInstall">Instructions</a>)<br />
51(Windows with <a href=""><img src="pics/linkext.gif" width="11" height="11" border="0" alt="extLink: " />Cygwin</a> installed)</li>
52  <li><strong>Windows package</strong><br />(<a href="#WindowsInstall">Instructions</a>)</li>
53  </ol></li>
54<li><strong>Install from our source tarball</strong><br />(<a href="#tarball">Instructions</a>)</li>
55<li><strong>Install latest unreleased code from CVS repository</strong><br />(<a href="#CVSInstall">Instructions</a>)</li>
56<li><strong>Don't install, run from Live-system</strong><br />(<a href="#live-cd">Instructions</a>)</li>
60<!-- Box on the left side --> 
62<div><p>Smartmontools 5.38 (stable) was released 2008/03/10, see
63<a href=";view=markup">NEWS</a> 
64and <a href=";view=markup">CHANGELOG</a> 
65for details.</p></div>
67<hr />
69<div><p><b>After installing it using Method 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5, you can read the
70man pages, and try out the commands:</b></p>
72<p class="code">
73man smartd.conf<br />
74man smartctl<br />
75man smartd<br />
76# Only root can do this<br />
77/usr/sbin/smartctl -s on -o on -S on /dev/hda<br /> 
78/usr/sbin/smartctl -a /dev/hda</p>
80<p>Note that the default location for the manual pages are
81<tt>/usr/share/man/man5</tt> and <tt>/usr/share/man/man8</tt>.&#160; If
82'<tt>man</tt>' doesn't find them, then you may need to add
83<tt>/usr/share/man</tt> to your <tt>MANPATH</tt> environment
86<p>The Windows package (see Method 6 above) provides preformatted man pages
87in <tt>*.html</tt> and <tt>*.txt</tt> format.</p>
88<hr />
90<h3><a name="rpm"></a>First Method - Install precompiled package</h3>
91<p class="marked">Starting with smartmontools release 5.37, RPM files
92are no longer available at the smartmontools project download page.
93Refer to the package download location of your distribution.</p>
95<hr />
96<ul class="High"><li><a name="debian"></a>Debian Linux - Install the Debian package</li></ul>
97<ul class="Square">
98<li>All versions of the smartmontools package in <i>.deb</i> format are
99available at the  <a href=";searchon=names&amp;suite=all&amp;section=all">
100<img src="pics/linkext.gif" width="11" height="11" border="0" alt="extLink: " />Debian package search page</a>.</li>
102<li>If you're running Debian <a
103href=""><img src="pics/linkext.gif" width="11" height="11" border="0" alt="extLink: " />stable</a> please download a
104backport to stable <a
105href=""><img src="pics/linkext.gif" width="11" height="11" border="0" alt="extLink: " />here</a>.
106These packages are provided by <a
107href=""><img src="pics/linkext.gif" width="11" height="11" border="0" alt="extLink: " /></a>.<br /><br /></li>
109<li>You can then install the package using:
110<p class="code">dpkg -i smartmontools_5.36-1_i386.deb</p>
112If you prefer to fetch the packages using apt, please read the instructions at
113<a href=""><img src="pics/linkext.gif" width="11" height="11" border="0" alt="extLink: " /></a>.
116<hr />
117<ul class="High"><li><a name="redhat"></a>Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS (both in versions 5 and newer) and Fedora Linux distributions</li></ul>
118<ul class="Square">
119<li>The smartmontools package is part of the official
120repositories and can be installed using the <tt>yum</tt> command:
121<p class="code"># you need to be root to do this<br />
122yum install smartmontools</p></li>
125<hr />
126<ul class="High"><li><a name="other-rpm"></a>Other distributions providing RPM packages</li></ul>
127<ul class="Square">
128<li>Download the latest binary RPM file (<tt>smartmontools*.rpm</tt>) for your
129distribution. Don't get the SRPM file (<tt>*.src.rpm</tt>).<br /><br /></li>
131<li>Install it using RPM. <em>You must be <tt>root</tt> to do this</em>:<br />
132<p class="code">su root # -> enter root password
133<br />rpm -ivh  smartmontools-5.33-6.i586.rpm</p>
134For most users, this is all that is needed.<br /><br /></li>
136<li>If you want to remove the package (<tt>rpm -e smartmontools</tt>)
137and your system does not have <tt>chkconfig</tt> installed, you may need
138to use:
139<p class="code">rpm -e --noscripts smartmontools</p></li>
142<hr />
143<ul class="High"><li><a name="CygwinInstall"></a>
144Windows with <a href=""><img src="pics/linkext.gif" width="11" height="11" border="0" alt="extLink: " />Cygwin</a> installed - Install the Cygwin package</li></ul>
145<ul class="Square">
146<li>Starting with CVS snapshot 2005-11-15, smartmontools is part of
147the <a href=""><img src="pics/linkext.gif" width="11" height="11" border="0" alt="extLink: " />Cygwin distribution</a>.
148A list of available smartmontools packages and their contents is
149<a href=""><img src="pics/linkext.gif" width="11" height="11" border="0" alt="extLink: " />here</a>.<br /><br /></li>
150<li>To update your installation, click on the "Install or update now!"
151link on the <a href=""><img src="pics/linkext.gif" width="11" height="11" border="0" alt="extLink: " />Cygwin web page</a>.
152This downloads <tt>setup.exe</tt> to your system.
153Then, run setup and answer all of the questions.
154Select smartmontools package in the "Utils" category.<br /><br /></li>
156<li>The optional source package (<tt>smartmontools-*-src.tar.bz2</tt>)
157can be used to build both the Cygwin and the Windows binary packages
158on Cygwin.
159Refer to the file <tt>/usr/share/doc/Cygwin/smartmontools-*.README</tt>
160for details.</li>
163<hr />
164<ul class="High"><li><a name="WindowsInstall"></a>
165Windows - Install the Windows package</li></ul>
166<ul class="Square">
167<li>Download and run the latest smartmontools
168<a href=""><img src="pics/linkext.gif" width="11" height="11" border="0" alt="extLink: " />NSIS</a>-installer
169(<tt>*.win32-setup.exe</tt>) from
170<a href=""><img src="pics/linkext.gif" width="11" height="11" border="0" alt="extLink: " />here</a>.
172<li>The default install type "Full" creates start menu shortcuts
173including an uninstaller, and adds the install directory to the PATH variable.
175<li>Select install type "Extract files only" to disable these extra
178<li>Virus scanners occasionally produce false positive virus reports for
179NSIS-installers, see the
180<a href=""><img src="pics/linkext.gif" width="11" height="11" border="0" alt="extLink: " />NSIS False Positives page</a>.
181If this is the case for the smartmontools installer, please send a report to the
182<a href="mailto:smartmontools-support&#64;"><img src="pics/linkext.gif" width="11" height="11" border="0" alt="extLink: " />smartmontools-support
183mailing list</a>.<br /><br /></li>
186<li><span class="marked">Starting with smartmontools release 5.37, the Windows package
187is no longer provided as a ZIP archive (<tt>*</tt>).</span><br />
188If the self extracting installer cannot be used for some reason, the files may also
189be unpacked by a recent version of <a href=""><img src="pics/linkext.gif" width="11" height="11" border="0" alt="extLink: " />7-Zip</a>.<br /><br /></li>
191<li>More recent (and probably unstable) Windows test releases build from CVS
192snapshots are available <a href=""><img src="pics/linkext.gif" width="11" height="11" border="0" alt="extLink: " />here</a>.</li>
195<h3><a name="tarball"></a>Second Method (Linux/Solaris/FreeBSD/NetBSD/OpenBSD/Cygwin) - Install from the source tarball</h3>
196<ul class="Square">
197<li>Download the latest source tarball from <a
199Note: you probably want the most recent stable release. Stable releases have
200even-numbered extensions, and unstable experimental releases have
201odd-numbered extensions.<br /><br /></li>
203<li>Uncompress the tarball:
204<p class="code">tar zxvf  smartmontools-5.38.tar.gz</p></li>
205<li>The previous step created a directory called <tt>smartmontools-5.38</tt>
206containing the code.&#160; Go to that directory, build, and install:
207<p class="code">cd smartmontools-5.38<br />
208./configure<br />
209make<br />
210make install</p></li>
212<li>For releases &gt;=5.19, <tt>./configure</tt>
213can take optional arguments. These optional arguments are fully explained in the
214<a href="">INSTALL</a>
215file. The most important one is <tt>--prefix</tt> to change the default installation directories.<br />
216<i>Please note that the default installation location changed in versions &gt;=5.31.</i>
217If you don't pass any arguments to <tt>./configure</tt> all files will reside under
218<tt>/usr/local</tt> to not interfere with files from your distribution. For more detailed
219information please also refer to the
220<a href="">INSTALL</a>
221document.<br /><br /></li>
223<li>To compile from another directory (avoids overwriting virgin files from the smartmontools package)
224replace <tt>./configure [options]</tt> by:
225<p class="code">
226mkdir objdir<br />
227cd objdir<br />
228../configure [options]<br />
231<li>To install to another destination (useful for testing and to avoid overwriting an existing smartmontools installation)
232replace <tt>make install</tt> by:
233<p class="code">make DESTDIR=/home/myself/smartmontools-test install</p>
234Use a full path: <tt>~/smartmontools-test</tt> won't work.<br /><br /></li>
236<li>Unless the destination directory is your home directory (or a location that you have write permission)
237<br />
238<p class="code"># only root can do that:<br />
239make install</p>
243<h3><a name="CVSInstall"></a>
244Third Method - Install latest unreleased code from CVS repository</h3>
245<ul class="Square">
246<li><span class="marked">Due to the new SourceForge CVS
247architecture, the hostname for CVS access has changed from
248<tt></tt> to <tt></tt>.
249To update a copy of smartmontools checked out before 2006-05-12, change all
250the <tt>*/CVS/Root</tt> files accordingly.</span><br /><br /></li>
252<li>One of the really cool things about CVS is that you can get
253<i>any</i> version of the code you want, from the first release up the
254the most current development version. And it's trivial, because
255each release is <u>tagged</u> with a name like
256<tt>RELEASE_5_38</tt>. You can see what the different names are
257by looking at the <a href="">
258CVS repository</a>. You'll see the tag names in the little scroll
259window where it says "Show only files with tag". All you need to
260do to get the latest development code is
261(but note that the development code may be unstable, and that the
262documentation and code may be inconsistent):
264<p class="code">cvs login<br />
265# when prompted for a password, just press Enter<br />
266cvs co sm5</p></li>
268<li>To instead get the RELEASE_5_37 release:
270<p class="code">cvs co -r RELEASE_5_37 sm5</p></li>
272<li>This will create a subdirectory called <tt>sm5/</tt> containing the
273code. Go to that directory, build, and install:
274<p class="code">cd sm5<br />
275./<br />
276./configure<br />
277make<br />
278make install</p>
280<p>- See notes under <b>Second method - install from source tarball</b> for different options to <tt>./configure</tt>
281and other useful remarks.</p>
282<p>- Skip <tt>./</tt> and <tt>./configure</tt> for tagged releases
283&lt;= 5.1-18 (RELEASE_5_X_Y, where X = 0 or 1 and Y = 0 to 18).</p>
284<p>- If you get the current sources (<tt>cvs co</tt> with no arguments or do <tt>cvs up
285-A</tt>) then you <i>will</i>  need those two additional steps.</p>
288<li>To update your sources to the RELEASE_5_38 release:
289<p class="code">cd sm5<br />
290cvs up -r RELEASE_5_38</p></li>
292<li>To update any tagged release to the latest development code:
294<p class="code">cd sm5
295cvs up -A</p></li>
298<h3><a name="live-cd"></a>
299Fourth Method - Don't install, run from Live-system</h3>
300<p>If you have a system that is showing signs of disk trouble (for
301example, it's unbootable and the console is full of disk error
302messages) it can be handy to have a version of smartmontools that can
303be run off of a bootable CD or floppy to examine the disk's SMART data and run
304self-tests.  This is also useful if you want to run Captive Self-Tests
305(the <b><tt>-<font size="+2">C</font></tt></b> option of
306<b><tt>smartctl</tt></b> ) on disks that can not easily be unmounted,
307such as those hosting the Operating System files. Or you can use
308this to run <tt>smartctl</tt> on computers that don't use Linux as the
309day-to-day operating system.</p>
311<p><a name="bootable"></a>Here is a list of such bootable CDs:</p>
313<li><a href=""><img src="pics/linkext.gif" width="11" height="11" border="0" alt="extLink: " />Finnix Live Bootable CD</a></li>
314<li><a href=""><img src="pics/linkext.gif" width="11" height="11" border="0" alt="extLink: " />Fedora Core 7 Live Bootable CD</a></li>
315<li><a href=""><img src="pics/linkext.gif" width="11" height="11" border="0" alt="extLink: " />LNX-BBC Bootable CD</a></li>
316<li><a href=""><img src="pics/linkext.gif" width="11" height="11" border="0" alt="extLink: " />Stresslinux Bootable CD</a></li>
317<li><a href=""><img src="pics/linkext.gif" width="11" height="11" border="0" alt="extLink: " />RIP (Recovery Is Possible) Bootable CD</a></li>
318<li><a href=""><img src="pics/linkext.gif" width="11" height="11" border="0" alt="extLink: " />SystemRescueCd</a></li>
319<li><a href=""><img src="pics/linkext.gif" width="11" height="11" border="0" alt="extLink: " />STUX Bootable CD</a></li>
320<li><a href=""><img src="pics/linkext.gif" width="11" height="11" border="0" alt="extLink: " />Parted Magic</a></li>
321<li><a href=""><img src="pics/linkext.gif" width="11" height="11" border="0" alt="extLink: " />Knoppix</a>
322(<a href=""><img src="pics/linkext.gif" width="11" height="11" border="0" alt="extLink: " />Debian/testing</a> based CD)</li>
323<li><a href=""><img src="pics/linkext.gif" width="11" height="11" border="0" alt="extLink: " />Gentoo Installer LiveCD</a></li>
324<li><a href=""><img src="pics/linkext.gif" width="11" height="11" border="0" alt="extLink: " />grml Linux Live-CD</a>
325(<a href=""><img src="pics/linkext.gif" width="11" height="11" border="0" alt="extLink: " />Debian/unstable</a>
326based CD, smartmontools is also included in <a href=""><img src="pics/linkext.gif" width="11" height="11" border="0" alt="extLink: " />grml-small</a>)</li>
327<li><a href=""><img src="pics/linkext.gif" width="11" height="11" border="0" alt="extLink: " />S.M.A.R.T. Linux</a>
328(a bootable FLOPPY containing smartmontools!)</li>
329<li><a href=""><img src="pics/linkext.gif" width="11" height="11" border="0" alt="extLink: " />INSERT (Inside Security Rescue Toolkit)</a>
330(Knoppix based CD)</li>
331<li><a href=""><img src="pics/linkext.gif" width="11" height="11" border="0" alt="extLink: " />Smartctl Plugin</a>
332for <a href=""><img src="pics/linkext.gif" width="11" height="11" border="0" alt="extLink: " />BartPE bootable live windows CD</a></li>
333<li>A plugin for the <a href=""><img src="pics/linkext.gif" width="11" height="11" border="0" alt="extLink: " />UBCD4Win</a>
334can be created by the <a href="download.html#WindowsInstall">smartmontools windows installer</a></li>
335<li>See also note about UBCD <a href="faq.html#UBCD">above</a></li>
338<p>Please let us know if there are others, and we will add them to this list.</p>
341<hr style="clear:left" />
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