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Welcome to the ShareRap project !

What is the ShareRap project ?

The purpose of the ShareRap project is to define, design and finally provide a standard software solution to share, retrieve and print the objects models that can be printed using a RepRap machine. It has to be easy for end-users and objects designers, so that when the RepRap machines become fully functional, anyone will be able to use them and improve their use.

How can I help ?

Right now, the current task is defining the functional requirements, i.e. what the final software solution will need to do to be useful. You may read what's written on this Wiki, and talk about it in the forum. Don't hesitate to post any idea or question, because sometimes the smallest thing brings to a great idea ! In the future, some C/C++/Java code will have to be written, so even if I can deal with that myself, any help is welcome ;-)

The Project

Functional Requirements

The purpose of this step is to define everything the end-users will be able to do, and how.

Technical Requirements

The purpose of this step is to define the technical design of the code required to fulfill the functional requirements with a strong and extensible architecture.


  • Users statistics : number of owned models, number or models uploads, number or translations.

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