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rtmc9s12-Target - A Simulink target for real-time control using Freescale 9S12 microcontrollers

Compiler suite: Metrowerks’ CodeWarrior

Manual: V 2.2

Tutorial: Guide to Setting Up the Wytec Dragon12-Plus-USB with rtmc9S12-Target


  1. Introduction and Background
    1. Introduction
    2. Background
  2. The Simulink real-time target rtmc9s12-Target
    1. Installation
      1. Installing rtmc9s12-Target
      2. System heap space
    2. The rtmc9s12-Target block set
      1. FreePort communication blocks
      2. A/D Converter unit (ADC)
      3. Pulse-Width Modulation unit (PWM)
      4. Servo Motor Pulse-Width Modulation unit (PWM)
      5. Digital input
      6. Digital output
      7. D/A Converter unit (DAC)
      8. On-board D/A Converter unit (On-board DAC)
    3. Code generation options
  3. Building a simple model – A mini tutorial
  4. The example models
    1. AD_9S12.mdl
    2. ADC_DAC.mdl
      1. External DAC on the I2C bus (UofA protective circuit board)
      2. On-board DAC on the Dragon-12 (Rev-E, SPI)
    3. DigINPort.mdl
    4. DigOUTPort.mdl
    5. Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM)
    6. Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) with FreePort communications
    7. FreePort? communications
      1. Simple download of data to the target
      2. Simple upload of data from the target
      3. Simultaneous upload and download of data between host and target
      4. Download of unformatted data to the target
      5. Upload and download of data via both ports SCI0 and SCI1
    8. Wireless communications
      1. RFComm Server
      2. RFComm Client
      3. Other RFComms models
    9. Fuzzy control
    10. Timer blocks
      1. Output Compare mode (OC)
      2. Input Capture mode (IC)
    11. Toggle a pin of PORTB
      1. Toggling a pin of PORTB in External Mode
      2. Toggling a pin of PORTB in standalone mode
    12. Simple sonar range finder
    13. Miscellaneous sample models
      1. The F14 simulation
      2. A rudimentary robot control
      3. Band-limited white noise generator
      4. Generation of a chirp signal (frequency wobbling)