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Welcome to the psyBNC TRAC

After years of repressions we finally restarted the psyBNC project in Oct/08.
In our Trac you see all milestones which are categorized in Major/Minor/Features/Others.

We looking currently for people and beta-tester which can test and approve bugs.
Users with general problems on 64-bit systems and the "Freeze-Bug" are also welcome!

Are you interessted into make suggestions? Feel free to comment Tickets.
Take a look into our Forum on http://www.psybnc.at

Is there any feature or script which is really important to you in this universe?
42 cant resolve anything! Just try to make a feature request and we will discus about :)

We hope we can make you feeling happy again about the psyBNC - World #1 IRC-Bouncer

Best Regards - psyBNC development team