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PSPKVM Project Wiki

PSPKVM is a port of the PhoneMEFeature MR2 release of the J2ME to the PSP. PhoneMEFeature is a Java 2 Micro Edition VM designed to run on phones and similar portable gear.

Installing PSPKVM on your PSP therefore allows you to run a large selection of J2ME Midlets on your PSP. Midlets are typically small Java applications--similar to Java applets you may have seen running on the web--designed for such environments. There are midlets covering a huge range of applications, from games to browsers to spreadsheets to IRC, mail and SSH clients. In addition, since PSPKVM supports the MVM (Multiple Virtual Machine) feature of J2ME, you can run multiple Midlets at once--effectively making your PSP a multitasking console.

PSPKVM running Opera Mini

The PSPKVM project brief is here.

PhoneMEFeature is described in more detail at https://phoneme.dev.java.net/.

Useful starting pages

For a list of convenient guides and help pages, see the help index.

For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), see the FAQ.

For the official download page, go here.

For the schedule of planned releases to come, see ProjectRoadMap.

Jurgen's compatibility list is here.

For a list of 'unofficial' and test builds, see the TestBuilds page.

For a complete list of local wiki pages, see TitleIndex.

To see PSPKVM in action, see ScreenCaptures.

Running PSPKVM

PSPKVM is a 'homebrew' PSP application, and thus runs only on consoles that can run unsigned code. These include consoles running Firmware version 1.5 (a very early firmware), or a custom firmware designed for this purpose. To use PSPKVM on such a system, install the contents of a binary package to your memory stick, as per the package's readme. You should then be able to start PSPKVM from the Game menu in your PSP's menu system.

For brief notes on installing and running homebrew (this is an extensive subject, largely beyond the scope of this wiki), see running homebrew on the PSP.

Building PSPKVM

PSPKVM is an open source application. If you wish to contribute, please feel free to retrieve source from the SVN repository and experiment. As of this writing, the build environment is restricted to Cygwin, however. This is due to the fact that the PhoneMEFeature MR2 release's build environment for ports using the 'Javacall' system (as is done in this port) also only supported Cygwin.

See Building PSPKVM for more details.

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