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Welcome to procServ

procServ is a wrapper application that converts virtually any command line program into a remotely accessible daemon.

It does this by

  • forking itself in the background,
  • starting the arbitrary command (e.g. an EPICS soft IOC) as a child process,
  • connecting to a TCP port for telnet access,
  • and managing the communication between the clients and standard input/output of the child process.

Apart from this core functionality, it features:

  • Logging to a file or a TCP port (read-only)
  • Transparent handling of multiple connections to access and log ports
  • Restarting the child process - manually or automatically on exit/crash
  • Escape characters as commands to kill and/or restart the child process
  • Blocking (shielding the child from) potentially dangerous characters
  • PID file creation (when run as a system service)

The procServ Authors