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Monitoring for PBS-based clusters

pbswebmon is a web-based monitor for PBS-based clusters (e.g. OpenPBS and Torque). It provides an overview of node usage, running jobs, and active users. It is built on the pbs-python libraries. It also uses JavaScript? written by Matt Kruse (see http://javascripttoolbox.com).


  • Easy to install (one RPM, depends only on pbs_python and torque client)
  • Runs on PBS head node or any other machine authorised to query it
  • Translates user names into Grid identities (when running on head node)
  • Summary display of users, queues, and nodes
  • Detailed display of jobs running on cluster
  • Colour-coding for node status, CPU efficiency and memory usage
  • Tooltips for detailed information: user DN, CPU/walltime, queue

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