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You can install Paintown through apt by adding a ppa created by the authors of Paintown. The ppa is on launchpad at


Installation instructions

1. Add the PPA

# A prerequisite is having add-apt-repository, so install this package first if you don't have that command
$ sudo apt-get install python-software-properties
# Add PPA
$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:rafkind/paintown
# Update apt
$ sudo apt-get update

2. Install Paintown

$ sudo apt-get install paintown

The executable should end up in /usr/games.

3. Get the data from the paintown website. Goto http://paintown.org/index.php?page=download and download 'data-x.y.z.zip', whichever is the latest data-x.y.z.zip file. Currently that is


4. Unzip data directory

$ unzip data-3.6.0.zip
$ ls

5. Run paintown

$ paintown

If it can't find the data directory (which you just unzipped) then pass the path to the data directory.

$ paintown data /path/to/data

If this procedure fails you can always build from source.