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Getting new extensions

Downloading latest versions from the SVN repository

Open-source licensed Adito extensions are hosted in the Adito SVN repository. Downloading an extensions from SVN is not hard. First check which extensions are available by using the web-based SVN browser (http://openvpn-als.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/adito). It's easiest to just download the extension ZIP file using the SVN browser.

If you wish modify the extension, it's suggested that you install a Subversion client and do a

svn co https://openvpn-als.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/openvpn-als/adito-application-<name-of-the-extension>


svn co https://openvpn-als.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/openvpn-als/adito-application-tightvnc

You'll end up with a directory containing the extension in a ZIP file and the extensions sources. A build.xml file is provided - it wraps the sources into a new extension package. If you update, create or enhance an extension, please let us know!

Adito extension manager

You can find the extension manager from the left side of screen when in management console mode. For information about what Adito extensions are and where they are located, take a look at this page.

Extension store

Adito extension store is up as of 30th Nov 2008. Many thanks to Tim from Obscorp (http://www.obscorp.com/obscms/) for offering this service! In order to use the Extension store on Adito 0.9.0, you need to do the following:

  • Open $ADITO_HOME/openvpn-als/conf/system.properties
  • Uncomment and modify the openvpn-als.downloadableApplicationStore.location line like this:
     # The location (either a URL or a file path) of the application store.

With SVN version of Adito you should not need to do this. After editing system.properties restart the Adito server and login as admin user. Extension store should now work properly.

Unfortunately extensions can't currently be tested thoroughly before being uploaded to the extension store. If you'd like to help Adito and test new extension versions, please drop a message to adito-devel mailinglist or the forums. If an application does not work properly, please a file bug report (see http://openvpn-als.wiki.sourceforge.net/reporting_bugs).

Uploading extensions manually

You can upload extensions manually like this:

  • Select “Upload extension” from the extension manager actions menu
  • Select the extension zip-file to upload with the file browser
  • Click the upload button

The extension should now show up under the Installed tab.