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OpenVPN ALS in a nutshell
Why OpenVPN ALS?
Technical overview
Installing and running the Adito server
Adito articles and reviews
Commercial use of Adito
External resources


Getting help with OpenVPN ALS
Commercial support options


Using OpenVPN ALS Agent on Windows Vista
Hacking the default theme
Enduser FAQ
Walkthrough installing Adito on debian lenny in a Windows Active Directory environment
Resetting lost passwords via the underlying database

Adito development


List of developers, contributors and open vacancies
Development roadmap

Developer meetings

Strategy sessions?
Weekly Scrum sessions
Bug squashing sessions

Development help

Getting started with OpenVPN ALS development
Using OpenVPN ALS Subversion repository
Contributing to OpenVPN ALS
Reporting bugs
Developing Adito applications
->The Extension.xml file
Translating OpenVPN ALS
Packaging OpenVPN ALS
Writing OpenVPN ALS documentation?
OpenVPN ALS icons and artwork
Joint commercial OpenVPN ALS development
How to debug OpenVPN ALS using Eclipse and Maven plugin for Jetty

Ongoing projects

Agent API project
Enterprise Extension project
->Drive mapping extension plan
Ant -> Maven2 migration
Modernization project
Standardization project
Releasing parts of Adito as separate projects
Project redesign

Adito concepts

Adito components

Adito Agent
Adito database (hsqldb)?
Adito PAM

Access control

Accounts, groups and policies
Access rights?
Authentication schemes?


Web forwards
Network places?

Adito configuration

System configuration?
Extension management
Creating an extension store
SSL-certificate management
Attribute definitions

Low-level Adito database management
Upgrading from SSL-Explorer
Migrating data to another Adito install
Backing up Adito configuration and database

Adito tuning

Using BEA Jrockit JRE for better performance

Adito from technical perspective

Adito wrapper
Code flow in Adito
IP-address caching in Adito