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Most wanted!

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Please use the latest version:

In the last half year the OpenOffice?.org community and the OxygenOffice? Team have been working hard to deliver the latest and greatest version of OpenOffice?.org and OxygenOffice? Professional too. Please test our fresh OxygenOffice? vesrsion 3.2.1. This version is available for all supported languages Please write your findings to us, and note if you want test version in another language.

Download it now

Be our contributor

You can always help our work with several activities. Lots of them do not require special abilities, so everyone can contribute. Please check offer at our jobs page, and subscribe to our mailing lists.

Donors, donations

We would like to say big thanks our latest donors: dsmith2952, sportember, giordi63

You can be the next, please.

OxygenOffice Professional

Imported from wikispacesOxygenOffice Professional is a free and multilingual office suite that runs fine on your Windows and Linux. This open source project based on OpenOffice.org that is the leader open source office productivity suite. The OxygenOffice Professional comes with many useful accessories like templates, cliparts, fonts, samples. The product is compatible with all other major office suites like Microsoft Office and StarOffice. OxygenOffice Professional is free to download, use and distribute for corporate, enterprise, home and non-profit application. It is easy to use, easy to learn. We are sure you will like it just check the screenshots. Also you can get the latest information in the news section and from the project summary page.


OpenOffice.org with extras

OxygenOffice Professional comes a plenty of useful extras. Lets see what you get for the free download:

  • Templates
  • Cliparts with draws, photos and 3D objects
  • Fonts
  • Samples
  • User documentations
  • DataMiner tools for WikiPedia
  • VBA macro support in Calc
  • Enhanced palettes for color, hatching, gradient and other palettes
  • New and updated import filters like Office Open XML (Microsoft Office 2007), Works, WordPerfect, WordPerfect Graphic, T602 import filters
  • Enhanced SVG inport capabilities
  • Improved EMF rendering
  • Enhanced performance
  • Calc solver
  • Gstreamer multimedia integration for Linux operating systems
  • 3D Impress effects for Linux (Windows support arrives in 3.0)
  • And many more smaller improvments

If you already downloaded OpenOffice.org you can enhance your experience with OxygenOffice Professional Extension. They are easy to intall extension that add more useful extras to your OpenOffice.org. Most popular Extensions are available via OpenOffice.org Extension Site.

Get it now
You can get your free copy from our download page. Please always download the latest stable version. The binary packages are available for Linux (DEB and RPM), 64 bit Linux (DEB and RPM) and Windows platforms.

What does it cost?

As other open source prouducts, it is absolutelly free. Of course you can support our efforts in many way. First of all you can download our product. This is the first step to be the member of our community. This time you might want to subscribe to our mailling lists or you might want to ask your questions and share your ideas at the forum. Later you might become active member of community with sending your self made templates, cliparts, documentations, develop new features and answers a questions at the mailling lists and forum. Also you can support us with small amount of money.

Houston, Houston we have a problem…

First of all: DO NOT PANIC! We provide several ways to solve your problem. The zero level of support is our wiki, our documentations and any documentations related to OpenOffice.org like documentations page and support page of OpenOffice.org. First level of support are forums and mailling lists. Here you can ask for help or do open discussion about general topics. The second level of support is the tracker. You should file an issue here if you expect action from our side. You can post bugs, feature requests, and support requests here.

I want to help to the OxygenOffice Professional Project

There are several way to help our work:

  1. You can simply use it and talk about OxygenOffice Professional to you friends and business partners. Also you can take a note in forums how do you like OxygenOffice Professional. We like to see many happy OxygenOffice Professional user around the world.
  2. If you professional user of OxygenOffice Professional you can create new templates and samples for our Community. If you interested in this kind of work you should subscribe to our developer mailing list and send your work to us (license must be free). Also you can translate templates into your language.
  3. If you interested you can also write documentation in form of document or this wiki. In this case you should subscribe to our site mailing list. You can subscribe here if you interested in web site development, improvment.
  4. If you have or you want to create for us free gallery elements, soundclips and fonts yo can subscribe to our developer mailing list.
  5. If you are a talented programmer of C or C++ or JAVA or Perl or Python or XML or HTML or CSS or PHP you can help us in the development. There are several bugs to fix, enhancement request and new ideas what we have to develop. So if you have free resources to develop OxygenOffice Professional please subscribe to our developer mailing list.
  6. If you do not interesten in any contribuution described above also you can support us with small amount of money.

More information about available jobs. If you dont know how but you want to help to OxygenOffice Professional Project let you subscribe to one of our mailing lists and we will find the best way to contribute.

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Our infrastructure is provided by:

I would like know more about

  • Extension installation


  • Licenses regarding to templates


  • Licenses regardnig galleries


I already have Openoffice.org office suite, can I download extensions for it?

  • Extension downloads are here


  • Extension downloads from OpenOffice.org repository for Extensions site:


  • Main page of OpenOffice.org repository for Extensions:


I need more information about downloads

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