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How to contribute to OGSA-DAI

There are many ways in which you can contribute to OGSA-DAI...

  • Join our users e-mail list at ogsa-dai-users@… and let us know of any problems, bugs, typos in our user doc or suggestions you have.
  • E-mail patches to the list and we'll add you to our project acknowledgements.
  • E-mail us how-tos and we can add them to this TRAC.
  • Raise a new ticket if you spot a bug or a typo.
  • Contribute to an existing ticket if you have more info on, or a solution to :-) an existing problem.
  • Develop a new OGSA-DAI component or new piece of functionality - see our current interests for ideas.

You can also apply to become a member of the OGSA-DAI project itself. For this, please e-mail any of the project admins (currently, allyhume, antonioletti, mikej888, rmbaxter at info@…) saying who you are and how you think you can contribute...

Legal stuff

Don't be afraid, this is just copyright and licencing info:

  • If you send a simple bug fix or typo we take copyright and it'll be available under the Apache 2.0 licence.
  • If you send a patch we take copyright it'll be available under the Apache 2.0 licence and you'll be added to our acknowledgements in the user doc.
  • If you submit a component or new piece of functionality, then it needs to be Apache 2.0 licenced and you will retain copyright and be added to the acknowledgements in the user doc.
  • Project members get joint copright of any release in which their code or doc is released.

If confused, or you want to negotiate, then just ask!

Membership process for project lead - steps to be carried out by project lead or delegated members of the project to accept new members.