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Note: Items in unscheduled work are not commitments, but items to be discussed when planning a release.

Unscheduled Work

Bug: Reduce flashing when two planes are near each other (z-fighting)
Bug: temp page files aren't deleted if dl fails.
Bug: scripting API is not in test suite
Bug: infopanel heights are not scaled (like so: http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/iframe-height-scrollbar-example/)
Bug: lighting on XP different than lighting on OS X
Bug: Non us-locales generate XML with a comma in it which causes our XML parser to fail.
Bug: shape animation ends with flicker
Bug: some parameters are not considered to be tainted
Bug: Comet client doesn't work across HTTPS
Bug: obj files with no groups don't load, faces in no groups aren't put in 'default'
Bug: find workaround or good doc experience for changing applet 64MB limit
Bug: show an out-of-memory message for body editor like the one for the viewer

Doc: headless server install
Doc: define problem space for avatar travel
Doc: developer tricks and tips page: browsers+applets, logs, caches, tabs, cookies

Feature: OpenID based authentication
Feature: OpenID profile fields for avatar sources: UI prefs, base body, animations, skins, attachments
Feature: OAuth integration for personal information (location, friends, status...) and for in-space app/widgets (e.g. Dopplr globe)
Feature: spatially limited text chat
Feature: user can mute other user's text and visiblity
Feature: Brower test page: cookies, javascript, java, java3D, comet, audio
Feature: page up/down zooms camera for those without mousewheel
Feature: thing popup provides movement along model axis as well as space axis
Feature: obj tools: poly count, total download size/time, break into one file per group
Feature: BVH and skin map tools for blender
Feature: avatar skin template and upload
Feature: avatar skin decals/tattoos are ordered and arranged by dragging
Feature: user can upload new base bodies
Feature: admins can manage lists of forbidden usernames, email addresses, IP ranges
Feature: different chat channels are displayed in different colors
Feature: public EC2 AMIs
Feature: show "The System Is Down" message while updating.
Feature: avatar faces react to emoticons
Feature: admins can send service-wide announcement shouts
Feature: cross-space IM
Feature: persistent shape attributes: material, texture, geometry?
Feature: POST to thing shape textures (geometries?)
Feature: sensors for scripts
Feature: limit the number of active HTTP connections.
Feature: nightly server snapshots
Feature: door UI in space editor
Feature: add reload Thing buttons on template.
Feature: accounts can change their email addresses (with verification)
Feature: list public spaces with growing populations
Feature: all-in-one Java/Java3D installer (Java Deployment Kit or ActiveX installer)
Feature: template editor shows obj details (faces, size)
Feature: 3D building grid
Feature: all public things and spaces are googlable.
Feature: chat shows ... while typing.
Feature: run movement for big spaces.
Feature: fog attributes for space
Feature: developer can specify lighting
Feature: owner hears a sound when a user enters a space.