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NHunspell - Open Office Spell Checker and Hyphenation for the .NET Framework

NHunspell is a wrapper and selctor for special compiled Hunsplell DLLs (32Bit + 64Bit). It supports the newest versions of Hunspell and Hyphen. All components of these Projects are available. Spell check, word stemming, morphological analysis and generation, hyphenation and thesaurus to find synonyms. Here is the NHunspell documentation in MSDN style:

NHunspell Spell Checker Documentation

Bug Reporting

If you find a issue or request a feature, please add a bug report ticket: Add new Ticket here

Spell Check, Hyphenation and Thesaurus Reference Project

The new NHunspell SpellEngine? is used to provide a free public available spell check, hyphenation and thesaurus web application. It is based on ASP.NET. A smaller ASP.NET sample application is included into the NHunspell samples. You can download it from there.



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