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Moo Cart devel docs

MooCart? is a collection of code for working with Moodle and Zencart. The primary project is MooCash: a Ruby Rails bridge between the two for automatic course enrollments.


is some conductive putty that when wedged between a ZenCart? install and a Moodle install will perform automatic creation of Moodle users from Zencart orders and enroll those users in classes. Effectively it's some database models and views created in Ruby on Rails, and some support scripts intended for scheduling with Unix cron that rub that data together and let Moodle read it in.


MooCash is written in Ruby with Rails 2.1.1 and is copyleft 2009 Ben S. Knowles <adric@…> under the Artistic License or CC-BY-SA. Commercial use is permitted with attribution.


Testing: Feature complete for the requirements of the pilot site. Moodle users are created based on processing of Zencart orders and those users may also be enrolled in courses, including "membership" courses based on Zencart product tags. Existing Moodle usernames can be specified in a Zencart order's comments and those are processed. Membership numbers are now also handled and generated as needed.

Readme: /trunk/moocash/doc/README_FOR_APP

future tasks, need milestone assignment

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