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Ticket Summary Component Version Milestone Type Owner Status Created
#42 Add notification when the shadow is in front of swap, teleporter, etc... Game enhancement new 01/24/12
#56 Add the ability for scenery objects Game 0.5 enhancement new 03/22/12
#31 Shutting down game takes time Game 0.2rc1 enhancement edwardlii accepted 01/11/12
#72 Move some class functions in .h to .cpp Game task new 07/29/12
#73 Pack small images into large image Game task new 07/30/12
#80 Make some GUI elements touch-screen friendly Game 0.6 enhancement new 05/04/13
#60 Make it possible to undo and redo in the level editor Leveleditor task new 04/28/12
#1 Level(pack) upload Leveleditor 0.6 task new 01/08/12
#79 Don't run script when editing level Leveleditor 0.5 defect new 05/04/13
#78 Bring the (new) level editing tool box back Leveleditor 0.5 task acme-pjz new 05/04/13
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