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We are gathering LCD definitions to improve the LCD auto-detection. Please help us by downloading this and extracting it to your phone. Then, simply run haret.exe and send us the generated lcdlog.txt file - this is quick and won't run Linux.

You can send the dump file to linwizard-devel@… or attach it to this ticket.

Thank you

Welcome to the LinWizard project Wiki!

We are a small group of developers trying to port Linux to the feature-rich HtcWizard phone.

Currently a 2.6 Linux-kernel is booting on the HtcWizard.
LinWizard boots from a running WindowsMobile (using HaRet) or directly from the firmware BootLoader (with EOL), so no flashing or other dangerous methods are needed.
If you are a developer, have a look to our GitRepo.

We also develop a Gentoo based and wizard-optimized distro (named gizard) featuring GPE, QTopia or Enlightenment.
Check out the file releases and take a look at our install guide, for more information.
If you prefer android, have a look to the WingLinux project.

What we need

Right now we need people with experience with GSM and WiFi to help get LinWizard connectivity up! If you have experience with Linux driver development and are willing to help, please see HowToHelp.

Current status

LinWizard is currently moving to mainline Linux. This means that you will be able to download a vanilla Linux from kernel.org and boot in on your HtcWizard.
Currently our stable branch supports the following devices on the HtcWizard:

For a more detailed status, checkout the LinWizard roadmap?.
Other handhelds are also supported, see SupportedHandhelds.