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What is this Project

A rpc library implementing the Remote Procedure Call Specification (RFC 1057) and a nfs3 library implementing the Network File System v3 Specification (RFC 1813) for devkitppc and libogc (Nintendo Wii), are the aim of this project.


RPC Library

The RPC library is implemented, except some authentication mechanisms.

Authentication Mechanisms implemented

Type implemented

NFS Library

The NFS library is only partially implemented. So far you can read from and write to files, and you can change the directory, but a lot is still missing.

Implemented functions

Function implemented description
_nfs3_open_r yes Open a file
_nfs3_close_r no Close a file
_nfs3_write_r yes Write/Append text to a file
_nfs3_read_r yes Read from a file
_nfs3_seek_r yes Set position in file
_nfs3_fstat_r yes get file information from filedescriptor
_nfs3_stat_r yes get file information from path
_nfs3_link_r no Create a symbolic link
_nfs3_unlink_r no Remove a symbolic link
_nfs3_chdir_r yes Change directory
_nfs3_rename_r no Rename a file or directory
_nfs3_mkdir_r no Create a directory
_nfs3_diropen_r yes Open a directory
_nfs3_dirreset_r no
_nfs3_dirnext_r no
_nfs3_dirclose_r no
_nfs3_statvfs_r no
_nfs3_ftruncate_r no
_nfs3_fsync_r no

Installation Instructions

wget http://sourceforge.net/projects/librpc-wii/files/librpc-wii.tar.bz2/download
tar xfv librpc-wii.tar.bz2
cd librpc-wii/librpc
make ogc ogc-install
cd ../libnfs3
make ogc ogc-install