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Welcome to KeplerWeka

KeplerWeka is a module for the open-source scientific workflow Kepler released under the GNU General Public License (version 2).

It provides the full functionality of the open-source machine learning and data mining workbench WEKA within Kepler. [More...]

Starting Points

  • If you want to stay tuned in on what is happening regarding the KeplerWeka development, then check out the project blog. There you will find announcements of releases or major changes.
  • For those of you, who want to get down and dirty with the source code, check out HackingKeplerWeka. This article explains how to obtain the source code, setup Eclipse and add new actors yourself.


  • Does KeplerWeka miss some important features? Add them to the WishList.
  • For a complete list of wiki pages, see TitleIndex.