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Welcome to JNDI Warrior

JNDI Warrior is an opensource Java Swing based client application built using Groovy+Griffon framework, which allows you to browse and operate on a given JNDI directory. Useful for debugging or environment troubleshooting when working with Java EE application servers. It started as a demo application for showcasing Griffon framework's rapid delivery capability while building rich Swing based client, however it actually turned out to be quite useful even in real-life as a utility for Java EE developers, so we have decided to host it officially on SourceForge? so everyone can try it out.

Simple Start Guide


You can download the latest release binary and source from the following URL:


Start Application

Unzip the zip file you downloaded to extract the executable Jar file. Double click the Jar file or run command "java -jar <jar_file>" to start the application. Since JNDI Warrior is built on JDK1.6 so make sure you have JRE 1.6+ installed to run the application.

Connect to JNDI

The application currently has Weblogic, JBoss, and GlassFish? JNDI template built in to help you filling some of the blanks however if your JNDI provider is not listed here you can still manually enter the JNDI settings. Last but not least, make sure you select the appropriate JNDI client jars (usually you can find them in the lib folder under application server installation) when connecting since JNDI Warrior is not shipped with vendor specific client jars.

Create and Execute Groovy Script against your JNDI provider

Since v0.3 you can create Groovy script directly from the application and execute it against the connect JNDI provider. Currently two built-in variables are available for the script.

  • context - IntitialContext? of connected JNDI provider
  • out - a PrintWriter? instance which allows you to print directly to script output area

Screen Shots

Click here to see screen shots