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Welcome to Java MediaWiki Object Framework home page

The goal of the Java MediaWiki Object Framework (jMWOF) project is to provide a reliable, easy-to-use, cross-platform object framework for interfacing with MediaWiki-based wikis through the exclusive use of the API.


jMWOF aims to be reliable by limiting the amount of possible failures the programmer potentially has to handle as well as their general frequency. For that, it will exclusively use the MediaWiki API, an interface designed with automated "users" in mind. No form of "HTML scraping" will be used - if the API does not support some functionality, efforts shall be put into modifying the MediaWiki codebase so that it does.

Additionally, the codebase will be well-covered by test cases (utilizing the JUnit library).


jMWOF will be inherently easy to use because:

  • the library will provide a clear and understandable object model (object manipulation will be natural),
  • the creation of new bots will be aided through a variety of templates, ready to be overridden, with minimal additional code required,
  • it will be well-documented.


jMWOF is written in Java, which makes it independent from user's operating system as well as allows the library to be embedded in larger applications.

Object framework

jMWOF is an object framework, which means that its deliverable is an object model corresponding to the "business objects" of the wiki, eg. an instance of the Site class represents the entire site (and its metadata), User represents a contributor (its methods will include accessing their contributions, messaging, blocking etc.), a Page represents an actual wiki page (its methods allow access to page history, editing of content, deleting etc.) and so on.