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Welcome to the JMRI Developer Wiki Pages!

(We're currently updating this Wiki after migrating it from another engine. The pages are not yet well ordered. The best way to find pages is via the TitleIndex, but note that some of those pages are actually talking about the TWiki tool, not JMRI)

All JMRI developers have write access to our developer Wiki. It's intended to be a collaborative way to design and document the structure of our code. It's not intended to duplicate other things like the JavaDoc (which documents details of interface, not structure), the help pages (which document the user experience and user-level operation, not structure) or the main developer web (which documents how we work, as opposed to the structure of the code).

Only JMRI developers can change these pages, but anybody is welcome to read and comment on them.

See also the "jmri-developers" email list for ongoing discussions: Archives, Subscribe

Recent (October 2009) active pages: