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Welcome to JAviSynth

JAviSynth is a wrapper library that allows AviSynth to be used in the Java programming language. Through JNI, it provides access to the input and video processing capabilities of AviSynth. Videos and scripts can be opened, manipulated and viewed. Sorry sound playback is not available yet.

This project is part of a larger java based non linear video editor GUI with AviSynth at its core, coming soon.

See the SourceForge? page here https://sourceforge.net/projects/javisynth/ (download)

Starting Points

  • Download javisynth_0_2.jar and run with java -jar to see what it can do
    • This will run the AviSynth getting started examples implemented with JAviSynth
    • Supply a number between 1 and 7 to see the code.
    • Hit 'run' to see it work.
  • Download and extract javisynth_0_2.tar.gz
    • Point eclipse at the directory, and import the CDT and Java projects
  • Checkout the files from CVS (into an Eclipse project if you like)

JAviSynth 1.0 Copyright (C) 2010 Christopher Ennis (Chris Ennis)