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IPCop Support

IPCop Mailing Lists

IPCop makes use of the following mailinglists. These mailinglists are hosted by Sourceforge.net. Registration on each list is mandatory to be able to send messages. On IPCop-Announce, IPCop-CVS and IPCop-SVN, you cannot send messages, only receive them.

Mailing list usage

  • send mail as plain text only, not as html or multi-part.
  • put your reply to a message in place and not at the top of a message, in other words: DO NOT TOP POST!
  • remove from your answer the part of a message not concerned by your answer, advertising...
  • if you select 'Answer', you will reply to the person who sent the mail.
  • if you select 'Reply to all', you will reply to both the person who sent the mail and the list.
  • mail size is limited to 40 kB, if you need to send a screenshot, send the URL of the image.
  • be really very careful with automatic answers, they must never reach the list.
  • if you use the daily digest, please strip your answer from the other subjects your not replying to, and replace the digest title with the original mail title.

Common ipcop mailing lists administration troubles

  • Your subscription may be automatically suspended if the mailing system is not able to send messages to your address.
  • mail server should be up every time a message is sent.
  • mailbox should not be full.
  • if you set an automatic answer message during your holiday, never send this answer to any lists.
  • if you want to drop messages with features not accepted by you (HTML, non latin characters), do not reject those messages, but discard them silently.