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What is Harrow?

Harrow is a protocol agnostic data harvester. It can be used to transfer and (one way) synchronize data from one repository to another. During the transfer, the data is processed according to a defined set of commands. It is designed to be extended with additional commands and protocols. Dual way synchronization is possible in certain circumstances.Mancing

== What do you mean with "Data"? == The definition of data handled by harrow is very basic. Chunks of data are called nodes and are defined by having a small header which identifies the node and some streams which contain the actual data and metadata. Streams can be xml or binary, though the former is it a lot easier to transform. == Components == Harrow is implemented in Java 5 and consists of the following components: * A Library which contains all the functionality. * A Web Application which provides a RESTful web service and a web client based on orbeon == State == The Application is in beta state. All functionality for a simple OAI-PMH to Fedora 2 harvesting process is implemented and Javadoc for the Library is finished. A Developer's Guide and a User's Guide is under way. == Installation == For Installation instructions see. == User's Guide == For help using the Web Client see [http://adrian-fh98.web.unair.ac.id/ Here]. == How To's == * [wiki:"How to add a repository"] * [wiki:"How to create a process"] * [wiki:"How to create a new command"] * [wiki:"How to implement a protocol"]