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Halftone Laboratory

Gradient halftoned with a Euclid dot


Use, study and develop advanced digital halftoning algorithms with Halftone Laboratory, a GIMP plug-in backed by a highly modular and extensible library. It uses .NET/Mono and GIMP#.


Created project site at SourceForge

2009/09/17 - Halftone Laboratory project is now hosted at SourceForge.net, this includes source code repository (using Git), file downloads, this wiki, bug-tracking and many other services.

Halftone Laboratory 0.5 - "Bachelor" release 2009-08-03

2009/08/03 - Halftone Laboratory was released to public as a part of the Advanced Halftoning Methods bachelor thesis. The release is marked as 0.5 to suggest that it is in beta state. It is regarded as stable, but a lot of new cool features should be implemented.



All packages can be downloaded from project's Files page.



Using Trac

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