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As of March 15, 2013 the timeline and source browsers are no longer linked to the subversion repository. We are working with SourceForge? on a solution to this problem. Please use https://sourceforge.net/p/gridlab-d/code to access the current repository.

Welcome to GridLAB-D's Issues Tracking System

Trac is the web-based software management systems that simplifies tracking and handling of software issues, enhancements and overall progress of GridLAB-D.


If you have an issue that you would like addressed by GridLAB-D's development team, you may enter a New Ticket. You may want to View Tickets to see if your issue has already been identified and/or worked on.


Developers must go to the Preferences page and set their email address to be listed in the drop-down box for ticket assignments. Everybody should regularly active tickets to be sure that they are aware of outstanding issues that need to be addressed. If you are a registered developer, you can also view a list of your tickets.

When you accept a ticket, please keep the GridLAB-D project team informed of your progress by updating the ticket. Please create a ticket branch in SVN for any code changes and notify the project team when your work is complete and ready to be merged into trunk. See Development/Release Process Guide for details.

Ticket Types

The following ticket types are currently used:

Used for any ticket that needs to be dispatched. The project manager will review undetermined tickets periodically and dispatch them. If you don't know what type the ticket is or what should be done next, choose this default type.
Identifies a problem with GridLAB-D that needs to be resolved for the software to work correctly (i.e, mismatch with documentation/expectation/reality).
Identifies a new feature or desired capability.
Identifies one or more action items that needs to be completed.
Identifies a validation procedure that needs to be completed. These usually follow-up on defects or enhancements and are required before the ticket can be closed.
Identifies a documentation activity. These usually follow-up on defects or enhancements, if necessary, before validation is performed.
Identifies a sensitive ticket. Information regarding the problem, the reporter, and the solution is embargoed, possibly permanently. The summary should simply read “Sensitive ticket”. When filed, PNNL staff will create a link to a GridLAB-D sensitive ticket folder with limited access containing information relating to the ticket. The reporter will then use this link to upload relevant information. If the reporter wishes to remain embargoed, please email gridlabd@… to request a sensitive ticket. Note that access to the sensitive ticket pages is limited to users who can legally obtain computer access credentials to US Department of Energy systems. This may require additional personal information and cause delays while identity and authorization is verified.

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