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Glest Advanced Engine is a community driven project which extends and improves on Glest. It aims to provide features and tools that help people develop higher quality 3D real-time strategy games for all major platforms.

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Stable Release

Stable means that it shouldn't crash but there may still be bugs. If you find a bug please create a new ticket. No new features will be added to this release.

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GAE 0.3.2 (December 12, 2010):
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Release Notes
Doxygen API Documentation
0.3.3 Tickets

Development Release

This release will contain new features but may be unstable and contain major bugs.

GAE 0.4:
No Release, Download by "cloning" the git repository. (Do not use SVN anymore, it is only there for historical reasons)

Bugs and Features

If you are here to report a bug or make a feature request, please check that the bug/feature is not already on the tracker, if it is not there, go right ahead and create a new ticket. If you are reporting a bug, leave the type field set to its default setting defect, if you are making a feature request, please change this to enhancement. If type is defect please set the version field, indicating which version of GAE this effects (what version you are using). Please provide as much information as possible, if reporting a crash, please indicate what tech-tree and factions you were using, and at what stage of the game the crash occurred. If we can re-create the crash, it becomes significantly easier to track down, and stands a much better chance of getting fixed!


Creating Content

Lua Function Reference

Compiling and Installation

How to download source
Compile Guide
Linux packages

Engine Documentation

View Frustum Culling (WIP! )
Change Log

Concepts and Designs

Development Cycle
Update Tool


Have a read through the Project Conventions then you can create a patch and submit it here as a ticket. Alternatively you could create a branch (outside of the repo) and get us to have a look at it. (..needs revising..)


There are several ways to contact the developers:

1. Email developer mailing list
2. Post on the forums
3. Email admins (sourceforge accounts): silnarm, hailstone, daniel_santos

NOTE: If you send an email to the mailing list and haven't subscribed it needs to be approved which could cause delays.

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