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New features

  • active image follows keyboard focus
  • added simple desktop file editor
  • layout id "_current_" matches the currently active layout window
  • added a possibility to update existing bars from config
  • added tooltips to external editors on toolbar, added "load config" command to remote control
  • added possibility to update existing layout window from config
  • added function to reload external editors at any time
  • added more IPTC tags
  • implemented editing support in exif pane
  • fixed loading of desktop file icons, gtk seems to expect an icon name without extension
  • compute histogram in idle time
  • completely separated global and layout window options, layout window configuration is available under separate menu entry
  • do not allow to add keywords with the same name as siblings
  • added keyword tree filtering
  • show file name in advanced_exif
  • handle sidecar files for raw formats that are not known to exiv2
  • added a dialog for editing keyword tree
  • added a popup menu in keyword tree
  • Remove the toggle on advanced exif window menu item.
  • Advanced exif window: make all columns sortable and resizable.
  • Display icons in edit contextual menu.
  • In various Edit context menus, only display editors that match the file types in the selection.
  • allow dropping of multiple keywords
  • show a label instead of the default drag icon
  • implemented keywords editor as described at http://geeqie.wiki.sourceforge.net/keywords
  • Try to improve tab completion: when a key is pressed while tab completion menu is shown, the number of entries is reduced, dhowing all matching entries but the menu is no more closed after each key pressure. Number of possible entries in this menu was increased from 500 to 1000. Pressing TAB when path entry is empty now adds / (root directory).
  • added popup menu to the exif pane
  • indicate that the exif pane is empty
  • Display pixel coordinates and rgb, patch by Ruben Stein
  • reorder exif pane entries with drag and drop
  • overlay now survives image split
  • Add a directory separator at the end of names in tab completion list to indicate directories.
  • Align exif labels vertically (visually better since name is now smaller than value).
  • Enable 'Use profile from image' item of color management menu only if such profile information is available from image.
  • In the side bar, display the filename without the 'Filename:' prefix and makes it centered. Allow to select it for copy'n'paste.
  • Color profiles menu: test for file access before allowing to select it as input profile.
  • load icons for external editors
  • split overlay options between global and layout window
  • save and restore toolbar configuration
  • Add an indicator of the embedded color profile when recognized (a * just after sRGB or AdobeRGB compatible).
  • Color profiles menu: mark empty entries as inactive.
  • Add a tooltip showing current histogram state on bar histogram.
  • correctly save and restore overlay string
  • Save bar pane histogram state to rc file.
  • Add a contextual menu on bar pane histogram allowing to change channels and mode.
  • Drop histogram based on mean value.
  • config file format changed to XML
  • Add grid to bar histogram.
  • Fix bug 2599857: file list sort order was wrong in many cases.
  • separated "normal" and advanced exif, "Normal" exif is now in the generic bar, advanced exif is in separate window.
  • replaced bar_info with an universal bar
  • Start with "Fit to window" in "Leave Zoom at previous setting" mode
  • do not switch to the next image on mouse click in split mode, it interferes with image switching too much.
  • Speed up random slideshow, startup time decreases from minutes to seconds when amount of images is big. Patch by Kjell Morgenstern.
  • Do not show geeqie itself in editors menus.
  • read external editors from .desktop files
  • Invert Horizontally vs vertically zoom fit, it was a TRUE/FALSE mismatch, reported by Christopher Beland.
  • Remove harmful documentation.helpdir and documentation.htmldir options. These paths can still be modified through with-readmedir and --htmldir configure options. Reported by Christopher Beland.
  • show symlinks in filelist
  • added a status bar button for writting metadata immediately
  • metadata write mode (direct or sidecar) made configurable for each file format

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