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and .


17:49 Ticket #1501 (New event to fire before item_created) created by krissatsverok


Since Gallery3 creates thumbnails and resizes first thing that happens when the item_created event runs (as the gallery3 module has precedence), it's seemingly tricky to create a module that allows for operations to be made on the uploaded image *before* resizing/thumbnails.

The use case is an EXIF data writer - write exif if it's missing in the uploaded image.

A simple solution would be a before_item_create trigger to run before the item_created one, giving modules a chance to do their dirtywork before gallery does the housekeeping.


06:02 Ticket #1500 (Setting a url_prefix in application/config/config.php breaks REST) closed by bharat
fixed: master: 554ca2e683297489251d621e2c959a6a467a6f9c 3.0.x: 414ea7239762d3b2c0bd3b96629d7f9be951ccd6
06:00 Ticket #1500 (Setting a url_prefix in application/config/config.php breaks REST) created by bharat

Turns out the REST code does some calculations based on the result of url::abs_site and url::abs_current, and if the url_suffix is set then we wind up parsing the url incorrectly.


21:52 Changeset [20982] by JensT

2010-11-22 Jens Tkotz <jens@…> 1.5.11-svn-b4

* Configuration Wizard works now completely again.

21:30 Changeset [20981] by JensT

2010-11-22 Jens Tkotz <jens@…> 1.5.11-svn-b3


Set PHP Minimum to 5.3.0 !!!

Make First page of Config-Wizard work again.


$foo = & new() to $foo = new()
ereg() -> preg_match
ereg_replace() -> preg_replace
set_magic_quotes_runtime(0) -> ini_set('magic_quotes_runtime', 0)

20:39 Changeset [20980] by JensT

2010-11-22 Jens Tkotz <jens@…> 1.5.11-svn-b2

  • Fix: $op and $mop were not initialized in a fresh install.


21:58 Changeset [20979] by JensT

2010-11-21 Jens Tkotz <jens@…> 1.5.11-svn-b1

* Start of Gallery 1.5.11 ; PHP 5.3 compatibility release.

21:51 Ticket #1499 (Image block module should let you specify multiple random images) closed by bharat
fixed: Make it an advanced setting for now. master: 3c523bcac6e902973c5891c02842254eaecd33a4 3.0.x: b176fe4324385d614ed9065a41713294e8e85c8e
21:50 Ticket #1499 (Image block module should let you specify multiple random images) created by bharat

We should have some easy way to specify a number of random images to show up in the sidebar.

21:03 Ticket #1498 (Allow multiple "rebuild images" tasks to run in parallel) closed by bharat
fixed: master: 5f4ab7fd76d24e3848aa96b3f657fca587d68f72 3.0.x: 27bec841cd7df689479f16bd6ffe005225ce874d
20:59 Ticket #1498 (Allow multiple "rebuild images" tasks to run in parallel) created by bharat

Right now if you run two rebuild images tasks at once, it doesn't rebuild faster because they're both processing the same images at the same time. Shuffle it up so that multiple tasks running at the same time actually make things faster.

04:50 Ticket #99 (Polish installer UI) closed by bharat
04:49 Ticket #1497 (Admin check messes up ajax calls on the module update page) closed by bharat
fixed: 3.0.x: 94939150cd04cc5abe04776629db5e4ebe43fa5c
04:48 Ticket #1497 (Admin check messes up ajax calls on the module update page) created by bharat

summary says it all.

fixed in master: 86790d4464c9f79e90adbe2cc7c24251371ad416

04:47 Ticket #1496 (Improve item::random_query() PHPDoc) closed by bharat
fixed: master: dae835449115b322c0ad057230a34a78d530b9a4 3.0.x: ba4603996d3caf92d993ee6e1ebf8776d365a182
04:47 Ticket #1496 (Improve item::random_query() PHPDoc) created by bharat

People like to use this function, and the documentation isn't very helpful.

04:45 Ticket #47 (Delete selenium tests (was: 40% Selenium test coverage)) closed by bharat
fixed: 3.0.x: 51f93c282e78a486c8c19c818b7c96d9b5f8eafe


13:21 Ticket #1495 (Modified tag module to use slugs for URLs) created by monsieurcanard

I'm attaching a unified diff which modifies the tag module to use
slugs in the tag URLs rather than the tag name itself.

For example:

http://example.com/g3/tag/Tésting Tägs



I've used the remove_accents and seems_utf8 functions from Wordpress,
since both projects are GPL. Perhaps we should credit them in the

I've tried to keep within the style guide and within Kohana's
requirements. This is the first time I've worked with Kohana so
please, be gentle :-)


05:34 Ticket #1494 (Add support for Bengali (Bangla)) closed by bharat
fixed: master: dd2b815ab2f1623540701fa887098a8b9f40de08 3.0.x: 3efc23d582e79c0f1ac323b94eea626c7ce51574
05:33 Ticket #1494 (Add support for Bengali (Bangla)) created by bharat

ref: http://gallery.menalto.com/node/99267

04:49 Ticket #1493 (Detect Apache 1 by examining error reports) created by bharat

If the use gets this error:

Kohana_Exception [ Framework Error ]: The requested views, admin.html, could not be found

They're probably using Apache 1.x. Redirect them to a FAQ page in this case, it'll save us a lot of forum spam.

03:59 Ticket #1492 (Ampersand in the directory name causes cooliris failure) created by cru57ym0nk3y

I've noticed that if you put an ampersand (&) in the "Directory Name" field, cooliris slideshows will not work. It will load a couple of pictures and then just stop. I've not tested beyond the ampersand, but I suspect there may be other special chars that will break it since I seem to remember things not being url encoded correctly in the RSS feed that feeds cooliris. To be clear, I did not test beyond the ampersand though.


21:10 Ticket #1491 (Use sys_getloadavg() instead of /proc/loadavg for portability) closed by bharat
fixed: master: c1573d8ef2e34429a67a69c3ad947505a5772931 3.0.x: 28f7307d54132abcb6b2012f148d400e979d527a
21:08 Ticket #1491 (Use sys_getloadavg() instead of /proc/loadavg for portability) created by bharat

FreeBSD doesn't have /proc/loadavg. The PHP system call is probably better, anyway.

20:29 Ticket #1488 (Tag counts get desynced) closed by bharat
fixed: 3.0.x: 5921a88da21c2cc1908d143ff8558c964ce53a95
17:57 Ticket #1487 (Deleting items is slow because of tag compaction) closed by bharat
fixed: 3.0.x: 414729b96a6dfe439e6009e50790412903b45299
17:56 Ticket #1489 (Multiple simultaneous deletes can delete the root album) closed by bharat
fixed: 3.0.x: c53ebbcae2ce3d71b925305345ab5f8387363e56 afbda4874dab453b7828b1cf3654e89ccb532f1f


14:30 Ticket #1490 (Full-size image does not display on screen due to auto-resize flaw) created by nkinkade

Under certain circumstances, when an image is clicked to view the full-size version, the image is not rendered on the visible screen, but is fully displaced off of the bottom of the screen. This seems to be the result of the math in javascript with auto-resizes the full-sized image if it won't fit in the existing viewport, and is also likely to only be triggered for a somewhat uncommon combination of display resolution, browser configuration and image size. Here is a view of me having to scroll down to view the displaced image.


I reported this problem some time ago on the forum, but just yesterday someone else commented the thread indicating they were having the same issue. So this is affecting at least 2 people:


The attached patch fixes the problem for both myself and this other person, though I'm not willing to say that it is the *the* fix.

Below I'm also including some notes I took on the math, which could help give a better picture of where this issue is arising. Roughly derived from lib/gallery.commons.js gallery_auto_fit_window():

imageWidth = 1600
imageHeight = 1200
gallery_get_viewport_size() says:
size.width = 1905
size.height = 888
width = size.width - 6  = 1899
height = size.height - 6 = 882
ratio = 1899 / 1600 = 1.186875
   imageWidth = imageWidth * ratio = 1899
   imageHeight = imageHeight * ratio = 1424.25
if ( 1424.25 > 882 ) {
   ratio = 882 / 1424.25 = .619273302
   imageWidth = imageWidth * ratio = 1176.000000498
   imageHeight = imageHeight * ration = 882.000000373
return {
  top: Number(882 - 882.000000373 / 2) = -0.000000186
 left: Number(1899 - 1176.000000498 /2) = 361.499999751
 width: Number(1176.000000498)
height: Number(882.000000373)


17:54 Ticket #1489 (Multiple simultaneous deletes can delete the root album) created by bharat

Steps to reproduce:
1) Add an album with 50 images in it
2) Open two browser tabs
3) Delete the album simultaneously in both tabs
--> Root album gets deleted

What happens is that one Apache process deletes an item right before the second Apache process tries to delete the same item. The Gallery 3 code winds up failing to load an item that it thinks should be there and it then calls ORM::reload() then ORM::delete() on the item. The problem is that due to a Kohana bug, ORM::reload() returns the first row in the database, then ORM::delete() whacks it.

Upstream bug:

Two things we should do:
1) Fix ORM::reload(); that should prevent low level data corruption
2) As soon as we realize that we're deleting an ORM that was already deleted, we should either skip it or abort the operation altogether. That should prevent high level data corruption.


23:47 Ticket #1488 (Tag counts get desynced) created by bharat

We cache tag counts in the tag model itself for speed, so they can get desynced. This can happen in a variety of ways, but probably the easiest way is if unexpected errors (eg from unofficial moduels) interrupt the event flow. Create a task to resync the counts.

23:03 Ticket #1487 (Deleting items is slow because of tag compaction) created by bharat

Tag compaction can be slow; we should not be doing compaction when there's a batch event going on, just do it once at the end.


05:56 Ticket #1486 (Unique records in search Criteria) created by scrapbookr

The pictures that I have added to the gallery fit into various albums eg: pic - "green-square" fits into album "green" as well as "square". But when I enter "green" into the search criteria the picture appears twice when I only want it to appear once - as in the search results should display "unique records" only.

03:55 Ticket #1485 (inconsistent "No active sidebar blocks. Add blocks" notice) created by chye-fhut

in my latest git pull, when the entire Gallery is empty, and you go into Admin > Appearance > Manage sidebar > clear the entries for "Active Blocks" except for "Random image" then go back to the main page, it gives a "No active sidebar blocks. Add blocks" message. the RSS block by itself doesn't render the notice, other available blocks behave like the "Random image"


05:09 Ticket #1484 (permission problem) created by thore-m


I am trying to set up private albums, that can only be viewed by registered users.
It seems, I have to give the "View" & "View Full Size" permission to "Everybody" for the parent album to see my pictures in sub-albums, although I set the "View" & "View Full Size" permission for "Registered Users" in that sub-albums.

Right now it implies my root album has to be visible for everybody, which defeats the purpose of a private gallery.

I checked the .../var/logs - nothing. Also, I am not getting any other warnings. My install of your stable 3.0 release seems fine otherwise - no system issues.

What can I do to debug this or get help?



10:21 Ticket #1483 (Add resize image when video is uploaded) created by gklein75

When you add a video in gallery a thumbnail image is created but not a resized image.

When you use flowplayer with "autoPlay = false" you can put a image in first frame for a good embeded in a web site.

"playlist":["/the_resized_image.jpg",{';url .......

Can you make this resized image like thumbnail.
Think about when you edit and rename the movie the resized image must be change too.


20:49 Ticket #1482 (Image cachebuster changes too frequently; damages SEO) closed by bharat
fixed: Fixed. master: e87c502eded374e927c531ad10a78dac8ee70e64 3.0.x: fc4e6a913ae616ffb7eafaa2288ba8b197afa076
20:47 Ticket #1482 (Image cachebuster changes too frequently; damages SEO) created by bharat

The cachebuster in image urls changes too frequently, even when the image itself hasn't changed. This causes search engines to believe that the image has changed when it hasn't, which results in the images not getting indexed.

Turns out that we're tying the cachebuster to the updated timestamp for the item row, which is wrong. It should be tied to the mtime of the image file on disk.

17:17 Ticket #1481 (Sample mod_rewrite lines on Admin > Settings > G2 Import poorly formatted) closed by bharat
fixed: Fixed. 3.0.x: 5245e5a618d920f89b944a8de573dd1b6d5416f7 master: f0781a9162129394236ef9c8cd68392d59b52791
17:16 Ticket #1481 (Sample mod_rewrite lines on Admin > Settings > G2 Import poorly formatted) created by bharat

The sample output merges the RewriteBase? and RewriteRule? lines into one line (due to an oddity of PHP templates). If you just cut/paste, you'll get a 500 Server Error.

06:23 Ticket #1479 (Add module::clear_all_vars($module_name) API) closed by bharat
fixed: 3.0.x: 51ead444ece803d4941c2878cf08100da29e2501
06:22 Ticket #1412 (tag::add performance issues) closed by bharat


22:17 Ticket #1478 (Advanced setting filtering) closed by bharat
fixed: Filters added: master: 945e79b17182f7c96eb4b566bd41d26b5f8c4288, 3.0.x: f4f36738d3f20ad52971cfa79055389b083a2e44 Adding a delete button is harder to get right in the UI, punting that to #1480 for now.
22:16 Ticket #1480 (Add a delete button for individual settings in Admin > Settings > Advanced) created by bharat

There should be a confirm box with this, since deleting settings can break your install.

19:24 Ticket #1479 (Add module::clear_all_vars($module_name) API) created by bharat

This will be useful when we eventually implement uninstall, and in the meantime it's useful for themers or module devs who just want to start over.

19:23 Ticket #1478 (Advanced setting filtering) created by bharat

Add filters to Advanced Settings, and a delete button for each setting.

19:10 Ticket #1474 (Gallery 3 Requires php_ctype / Unable to save theme_options) closed by bharat
fixed: oops, got that wrong, I accidentally committed it to 3.0.x first. cherry-picked to master, now we have: 3.0.1: fe16079270fa83ec94cf19a29e6f36eef3ed2945 mster: 97a5656296e617e7dd2f55cc1eb3f1d34e7163f5
19:06 Ticket #532 (File "integrity check" is required) closed by bharat
wontfix: I don't think this is worth the effort. We're not seeing many cases of corruption in the forums and the amount of work necessary to get this right is non trivial.
19:04 Ticket #448 (Constrain thumbnails by their shortest side also) closed by bharat
wontfix: I don't really understand the purpose of this request, and it's been 17 months with no clarification so I'm going to close this.
02:36 Ticket #1477 (Jump to page/image in wind theme) created by markmac

I would like to request that the functionality be added to the default wind theme to add a paginator module to allow you to add jump to page / image navigation to albums.

00:33 Ticket #445 (Square Thumbnails) closed by bharat
fixed: There's now a square_thumbs module in gallery3-contrib that does this.


23:16 Ticket #1476 (Deleted image only removed from database, not from the storage) created by peterkr333

This bug only applies to the images whose path lenght is longer than 256 characters. The image was either added by "Add photos" or "Server add", did not display properly and when deleted the image was not removed from the storage.
Maybe when adding an image, the path length should be calculated and if longer the 256 characters an informative error message should be generated.


15:36 Ticket #1475 (G2 Import: Can't import from a G2 that uses PathInfo URL generation) created by bharat

The G2 PathInfo? module gets confused by the G3 URL, eg: /index.php/admin/g2_import/save triggers the stack trace below. Detect PathInfo? rewriting and try to disable it.

Error (ERROR_MISSING_OBJECT) : Parent 7 path admin
in modules/core/classes/helpers/GalleryFileSystemEntityHelper_simple.class at line 98 (GalleryCoreApi::error)
in modules/core/classes/GalleryCoreApi.class at line 1952 (GalleryFileSystemEntityHelper_simple::fetchChildIdByPathComponent)
in modules/core/classes/helpers/GalleryFileSystemEntityHelper_simple.class at line 53 (GalleryCoreApi::fetchChildIdByPathComponent)
in modules/core/classes/GalleryCoreApi.class at line 1901 (GalleryFileSystemEntityHelper_simple::fetchItemIdByPath)
in modules/rewrite/classes/RewriteSimpleHelper.class at line 45 (GalleryCoreApi::fetchItemIdByPath)
in ??? at line 0 (RewriteSimpleHelper::loadItemIdFromPath)
in modules/rewrite/classes/RewriteUrlGenerator.class at line 103
in modules/rewrite/classes/parsers/pathinfo/PathInfoUrlGenerator.class at line 134 (RewriteUrlGenerator::_onLoad)
in init.inc at line 170 (PathInfoUrlGenerator::initNavigation)
in modules/core/classes/GalleryEmbed.class at line 129
in /var/www/gallery3/modules/g2_import/helpers/g2_import.php at line 158 (GalleryEmbed::init)
in /var/www/gallery3/modules/g2_import/helpers/g2_import.php at line 55 (g2_import_Core::init_embed)
in /var/www/gallery3/modules/g2_import/controllers/admin_g2_import.php at line 62 (g2_import_Core::is_valid_embed_path)
in ??? at line 0 (Admin_g2_import_Controller::save)
in /var/www/gallery3/modules/gallery/controllers/admin.php at line 62
in ??? at line 0 (Admin_Controller::__call)
in /var/www/gallery3/system/core/Kohana.php at line 331 (ReflectionMethod::invokeArgs)
in ??? at line 0 (Kohana_Core::instance)
in /var/www/gallery3/system/core/Event.php at line 208
in /var/www/gallery3/application/Bootstrap.php at line 67 (Event_Core::run)
in /var/www/gallery3/index.php at line 97


15:52 Ticket #1474 (Gallery 3 Requires php_ctype / Unable to save theme_options) created by equiraptor

I installed Gallery 3 following the requirements listed at http://gallery.menalto.com/requirements
(I missed the requirements at http://codex.gallery2.org/Gallery3:User_guide:Gallery3:Installing_and_upgrading, but ctype was not included in those requirements at the time)

When I attempted to run the web installer, the installer additionally requested php_iconv and php_mbstring. I installed these through Ports. I continued with the web installer, migrated my gallery2, etc. However, when I went to <gallery path>/index.php/admin/theme_options and hit save, I was presented with a blank page. The server logged a 500 error.

After reading http://gallery.menalto.com/node/98328, I installed php_ctype through ports and restarted apache. Immediately, I was able to successfully save values on the admin/theme_options page.

I added ctype to the list of requirements here: http://codex.gallery2.org/Gallery3:User_guide:Gallery3:Installing_and_upgrading but it would be useful to have Gallery check for ctype, as it checks for iconv and mbstring, as well.

Thanks guys!

Various OS and Apache/PHP information is below, in case it's needed or wanted. Let me know if any other information is needed.

OS: FreeBSD rivaridge.equiraptor.com 8.1-RELEASE FreeBSD 8.1-RELEASE #0: Mon Jul 19 02:36:49 UTC 2010 root@…:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/GENERIC amd64
Apache: Server version: Apache/2.2.17 (FreeBSD)
Server built: Oct 27 2010 13:15:17
Installed through Ports
Loaded Modules:

core_module (static)
mpm_prefork_module (static)
http_module (static)
so_module (static)
authn_file_module (shared)
authn_dbm_module (shared)
authn_anon_module (shared)
authn_default_module (shared)
authz_host_module (shared)
authz_groupfile_module (shared)
authz_user_module (shared)
authz_dbm_module (shared)
authz_owner_module (shared)
authz_default_module (shared)
auth_basic_module (shared)
auth_digest_module (shared)
file_cache_module (shared)
cache_module (shared)
disk_cache_module (shared)
include_module (shared)
filter_module (shared)
charset_lite_module (shared)
deflate_module (shared)
log_config_module (shared)
logio_module (shared)
env_module (shared)
mime_magic_module (shared)
cern_meta_module (shared)
expires_module (shared)
headers_module (shared)
usertrack_module (shared)
unique_id_module (shared)
setenvif_module (shared)
version_module (shared)
ssl_module (shared)
mime_module (shared)
dav_module (shared)
status_module (shared)
autoindex_module (shared)
asis_module (shared)
info_module (shared)
cgi_module (shared)
dav_fs_module (shared)
vhost_alias_module (shared)
negotiation_module (shared)
dir_module (shared)
imagemap_module (shared)
actions_module (shared)
speling_module (shared)
userdir_module (shared)
alias_module (shared)
rewrite_module (shared)
pony_module (shared)
php5_module (shared)

Syntax OK

PHP: PHP 5.3.3 with Suhosin-Patch (cli) (built: Sep 23 2010 08:51:36)
Copyright (c) 1997-2009 The PHP Group
Zend Engine v2.3.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2010 Zend Technologies
Loaded modules:
[PHP Modules]

[Zend Modules]
(Note: The addition of ctype is after resolution of the save issue)

Gallery: Version: 3.0 (Santa Fe)

13:55 Ticket #1473 (secure login only (ssl/https); all else remains http) created by mtmpa


As suggested by bharat here:

...I'm opening a ticket, as I have posted details on this issue here:

To summarize again here:
I have been tinkering with htaccess, PHP and Kohana in order to force SSL encryption for all password / login chats, but ensure that only that communication is forced to SSL. It would be bad to force all sharing of links to arrive at a self-signed certificate warning just to see a photo or album, and apps like Google Earth (should we see a "view in Google Earth" function like the gmaps module in 2.3 offered) have certificate management of their own, and without a trusted CA, won't show thumbnails from Gallery 2.3 if the kml was generated with https links, as it is when the whole site is forced to https or if a url is simply typed to https, thus the desire to force all else to not be https. Similarly, if we just force https for all, some things just won't work right (flash uploader), or prompt incessantly for "display mixed content?/some wasn't delivered over https!"

This link seems versus promising, if I can just figure out which controllers need what between the Pam module (thank you!) and gallery (thank you as well). PERHAPS A MORE GENERAL CORE MODULE IS A BETTER APPROACH? Thus, any "login" dialog would be https, and nothing else, regardless of if one uses PAM, LDAP, or core logins.


If anyone would care to give a push in the right direction (in htaccess and controllers) I'll be happy to try to get this to a proper how-to.

Many thanks,



22:11 Ticket #1472 (UI impovment; Tag editing) created by floridave

you can rename from Admin > Content > Tags
But it is not really that noticeable and the users report that they don't know they can edit existing tags.

Suggest some text on the page and some visibility changes on hover or the tag names.


19:24 Ticket #1471 (It should be possible to change an owner of an item) created by vjtz

In menu of possible operations with an item (image / album / ...) should be possibility to change owner of the item (image, album and/or subalbums, ...).


19:55 Ticket #797 (Cannot upload watermark image) reopened by bharat
This is a misconfiguration of either mime_content_type() or fileinfo. They're misclassifying the image. This is something that has to be configured properly in PHP. However, we may have the mime type from the browser so we can improve the watermark code to detect a misclassification and use the mime type info from the $_FILE variable when the upload happens. Leaving this open as a bug in the watermark code.
19:21 Ticket #1470 (Fractional results in aspect ration operations lead to incorrect decimal ...) closed by bharat
fixed: Fixed in f01fad1cd0661a7fee42d701b0c17dd8f4def576
19:20 Ticket #1470 (Fractional results in aspect ration operations lead to incorrect decimal ...) created by bharat

If we do an aspect ratio calculation and it results in a fractional number when the LC_NUMERIC is set to use commas instead of decimals, we get values like "height: 72,341px" which is unparseable in some browsers (and totally wrong in others). Deal in integers where possible.


17:44 Ticket #1469 (Create missing access_intent, access_caches, intents columns) created by bharat

If something goes wrong with group creation, we wind up with missing columns in the access_caches, access_intents and possible items tables. We should have the Admin > Maintenance > Fix task clean this up.



11:25 Ticket #1468 (It should be possible to set/install new languages from the commandline ...) created by tuxis

I'm builing a service with 'hosted' Gallery3 in the Netherlands. It would therefor be handy to be able to set the language to Dutch upon installation or later on via the commandline (to enable scripted installs). AFAIK, This is currently impossible which is forcing me to login after each install and set the language manually.

Please create a script or the possibility to set/install languages from the commandline.


04:45 Ticket #1467 (Uploading watermarks fails with file::mime can't identify the file type) created by bharat

When file::mime can't identify the file type we're able to upload images because we use Validation directly, but the Forge based Form_Upload widget doesn't work properly. I'm not exactly sure why, but I suspect it's because Form_Upload doesn't preserve the file name in the tmp dir.

Steps to reproduce:
1) edit system/helpers/file.php and change:

    57                  if (ini_get('mime_magic.magicfile') AND function_exists('mime_content_type'))
    58                  {
    59                          // Return the mime type using mime_content_type
    60                          return mime_content_type($filename);
    61                  }

to return "text/plain"
2) Upload an image; that should work
3) Upload a watermark, that should fail


04:41 Ticket #1466 (Verify that file::mime() returns the correct type for files w/out ...) created by bharat

On some systems, finfo_open is missing and mime_content_type is broken and then if an image file lacks an appropriate extension, file::mime cannot identify it. This causes some folks to be unable to upload watermarks (for example).

04:03 Ticket #1465 (Aggressively warn users when session.use_trans_sid is enabled) created by bharat

It's bad. I don't know why people use it:


08:58 Ticket #1464 (fancy tag url need. /tag/keyword-keyword instand of keyword%20keyworld) created by eaglelive

fancy tag url need. /tag/keyword-keyword instand of tag/keyword%20keyworld

followed by thread:

08:55 Ticket #1463 (Tag Album order,image show up from new to old. new feature request) created by eaglelive

to change image order at images show in http://xx.com/tag/keywords
just like we can do in album section.

followed by thread:

02:35 Ticket #1462 (Which command not supported on Hosts) created by mfoster711

The linux which command is used in graphics.php to locate and identify ImageMagick?. Some hosts do not support the which command so ImageMagick? is never detected even though ImageMagick? is installed and available from the Host. Godaddy is one host and here is a support forum topic verifying this -> http://community.godaddy.com/groups/web-hosting/forum/topic/linux-which-command-on-shared-hosting/

We need a different method of finding ImageMagick? when the which command does not work. Or, maybe have a method to set all the need variables associated with ImageMagick? when it can't be found.


22:05 Ticket #1461 (Default sort order) created by adblunt

Add ability to set a default sort order for all sub folders in Album options.

08:52 Ticket #1460 (Serveradd module doesn't add subdirectories) created by malo87

Choosing a directory in serveradd module won't find files inside.You have to manually select one by one.

Fixed with the workaround:
"Commenting out the $file = preg_quote($file); in my server_add.php (in modules/server_add/controllers)" thanks to jeffmcclain


06:34 Ticket #1459 (Server Add module won't work with accent subfolder ?) created by ammesiah

I recently install a fresh G3, and I realise that if folder have accents (like é è à ù in french) the "Server Add" module will not display them.
The module display the ones without any accents just fine but if I rename them to add some accents, it will just display "empty"
There's nothing in the gallery3/var/logs logfiles about this issue.

04:05 Ticket #1458 (Name all modules Xxx_Core for extensibility) closed by bharat
fixed: Fixed in dff1a536961cd401b8e133e260fcc3cca7c13dc6
04:05 Ticket #1458 (Name all modules Xxx_Core for extensibility) created by bharat
02:31 Ticket #1424 (Removing guest permissions for root album breaks REST api) closed by bharat
duplicate: Duplicate of #1452, fixed.
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